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Rockka's new EP with remixes from Alex Efe, DJ Bird and Dr Green Makes Waves on Beatport's Top 100

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Big Bells Records has once again delivered an outstanding release that is capturing the hearts of Progressive House music enthusiasts worldwide. This time, the spotlight shines on Sri Lankan house music producer Rockka and his latest EP Sole Survivor, which has secured a prominent position at number 63 on Beatport's prestigious Top 100 Progressive House Releases chart. Featuring three impressive remixes by Alex Efe, DJ Bird, and Dr Green, Rockka's EP is a testament to his talent and the label's commitment to pushing boundaries.

Rockka's EP is a mesmerizing journey through the realms of progressive house, showcasing his innate ability to craft captivating melodies and infectious grooves. The "Sole Survivor" sets the tone with its pulsating beats, ethereal synths, and carefully woven layers of sound. As the EP unfolds, each remix adds its unique flavor to the original composition, further enhancing the listening experience.


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Uruguayan progressive house producer and DJ made the first remix on this EP, Alex Efe, has once again proven his prowess with a stunning remix of Rockka's captivating track. Adding his signature touch, Alex Efe brings forth smooth and mesmerizing progressive house vibes that transport listeners to an ethereal realm of sound. Alex Efe's remix effortlessly combines atmospheric elements and infectious grooves, resulting in a sonic journey that enchants the senses. His meticulous attention to detail and seamless transitions elevate Rockka's original track to new heights, creating an immersive experience for progressive house enthusiasts.

Slovakian progressive house producer and DJ Bird has unveiled a stunning remix of Rockka's mesmerizing track, infusing it with his unique progressive house vibes. With a keen ear for captivating melodies and intricate beats, DJ Bird takes listeners on an unforgettable sonic journey that transcends boundaries.

Dr Green's remix transports listeners to an immersive world of tribal atmospheres, blending organic percussions, mesmerizing chants, and captivating melodies. His meticulous attention to detail and seamless incorporation of tribal elements create an entrancing ambiance that captivates the senses. Dr Green takes listeners on a hypnotic musical journey that ignites the dancefloor.

Rockka's EP on Big Bells Records is a testament to the label's commitment to promoting exceptional talent worldwide. With its soaring melodies, infectious rhythms, and thoughtfully crafted remixes, this release has rightfully earned its place on Beatport's Top 100 Progressive House chart. Keep an eye on Rockka's journey, as he continues to make waves and leave a lasting impression on the global electronic music scene.


Release name: Sole Survivor EP

Artists: Rockka

Remixes: Alex Efe, Dj Bird, Dr Green

Pre-Order: 16/06/2023

Release date: 23/06/2023

Label: Big Bells Records

Style: Progressive House / Melodic House


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