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From Montevideo to the World: The Rise of Uruguay's Talented DJ and House Music Producer Alex Efe

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

In the vibrant city of Montevideo, Uruguay, a prodigious DJ and house music producer named Alex Efe found his calling. With a natural flair for rhythm and an insatiable passion for progressive house beats, Alex is active since the early 90s captivating dance floors with his infectious tunes and unique DJ sets. His fusion of progressive and deep rhythms with pulsating house melodies earned him international recognition. He painted a sonic tapestry with every track that resonated deeply, proving that music truly knows no boundaries. Up today Alex released his music on labels such are Onedotsixtwo, BC2, SLC-6, AH Digital, Droid9 South America, and this month he joined our Big Bells Records.

(1) Hello Alex. Thank you for joining us for this interview. We know you are active as DJ and music producer for many years, but could you tell our readers more about yourself, and your road to becoming a producer and DJ?

Hello everyone, especially Adnan and all the Big Bells Staff, my interest in music started at an early age, since I was a child I always had attention and concern for music, artists, etc. At the age of 14 (the 90s), I started to listen more assiduously to Electronic music, precisely House and then Techno Trance; My great influences were born from the first editions of Global Underground, Renaissance, and Back to Mine within the genre, without leaving behind Vangelis, Jarre, Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode among others. As a music producer, since 2010 I started in music production, climbing a step further in my career, which has allowed me to present myself in the region and transmit my music and that of others.

(2) You are from Uruguay and as we know you are active for many years and we saw House music has evolved over the years, blending various sub-genres and incorporating different influences. Which style of electronic music is still popular in your country and maybe in the rest of South America?

In my country, although we are close to Argentina where there is a great influence within the Progressive House genre, more Techno is listened to. I think that in most of America Techno has been the standard bearer in general terms, but for less than 10 years, the Progressive House genre has expanded thanks to the expansion of the Electric Music industry, generating a large number of emerging artists and others who have been working from the studio for some time. Little by little, new exponents with projection are emerging in Uruguay, which hopefully in the not-too-distant future, will generate an interesting movement among the exponents.

Alex Efe interview for Big Bells Digital
Alex Efe interview for Big Bells Digital

Check out our new premiere from Alex Ele's remix of Rockka's song Sole Survivor on our Soundcloud profile.

Pre-Order: 16/06/2023

Release date: 23/06/2023

Label: Big Bells Records


(3) Can you share a memorable experience or performance that had a significant impact on your career as a house music producer and DJ? What lessons did you learn from that experience?

I have several experiences, but one that pleasantly surprised me was being able to travel to Asunción, Paraguay, thanks to a presentation at a party. I remember that night I had almost 10 continuous DJ sets, and near the end, someone from the audience asked me to contact them, the next day, I already had 2 dates confirmed having my second international experience. Learning, we never know who is following our work and may be listening, so you always have to be prepared and give your best in every show.

(4) Can you tell us about your creative process when producing a house music track? How do you come up with unique and engaging sounds that define your signature style?

The truth is a process that never ends, although there are particular sounds in my tracks, I understand that the music is in constant change, in fact nowadays I find fusions of sounds in the tracks. Personally I look for sounds from the roots of Progressive, although the genre nowadays has several variables. On the other hand, I'm working on a LIVE project, combining other musicians and artists, dabbling in other genres such as Chill, Downtempo, Trip Hop, etc.

(5) For the end, your current top 3 tracks are…?

2. Ofra haza - Im Nin'Alu (Alex Efe & Diego Berrondo Unofficial Remix)


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