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house music promo


- Full mastered wav file song 

- 3 Weeks before the release date
- Social Media Promotion of your DJ mix, podcast, event

- Free to use in your podcasts, guest mixes, events, etc.

- We will invite you to make an exclusive guest mix for our 

Big Bells & Friends podcast series

only €23,88 for a whole year


All About It

United For Music !

The music industry is a tough battlefield, particularly for independent labels. Big Bells Records is here to search and support talents around the world and our mission is P.L.U.R.

Big Bells Digital offers exclusive promo music service for our music releases on the Big Bells Records label.


This service is for all DJs, podcast creators, radio hosts, and all "Bedroom DJs",  live event DJs or just for all music lovers ánd supporters of our small label.

Subscribing to our

Basic Plus+ promo service you will get exclusive music from our label before the official release date. Using this music is unlimited.


Basic Plus+ is only 1,99€/monthly.

100% of the money we earn will be invested back in the promotion of the music, artists, DJ, and events around the world.

House Music Promo Service


Exclusive Promo Music

You will receive our exclusive promo music before the official release date for your podcasts, events, guest mixes and all other DJ sets.


Unlimited Use

Our music you can mix out as many times as you want on occasion for any kind of DJ set you make.


Top Artists 

Our label has over 50 different releases (EPs or Compilations) and producers from over

30 different countries. Our catalog includes music from Weird Sounding Dude, Randle, Shanil Alox, Hobin Rude, Adnan Jakubovic, Rockka and many others. 

House music promo service
Progressive, Melodic and Techno Music Promos

Big Bells & Friends Promo Service 

Every month buying music could be very expensive, but receiving it as a promo is something really special. Our Big Bells Records offers now a special Big Bells & Friends program where you can receive music from our catalog every month before the official release date directly to your email. Using this music in your podcast, guest mixes or live event is unlimited.

Get our music promos now!

"As a DJ, I rely on Big Bells Digital for top-notch tracks to elevate my mixes, and I couldn't be happier with their promo service. Their music promo service not only keeps me in tune with the latest releases but also ensures I have the perfect beats for my mixes. Big Bells Records is undoubtedly a go-to source for quality music and professional promo services."

DJ at Saturo Sounds Radio, UK


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