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Our Mission

Big Bells Digital uses the technology of digital marketing and social media to connect your music, talent, and hard work with true music lovers.

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Our story goes back to 2006 and our first music events, DJ-ings, and connecting with people who liked the same music like we are.


Growing in a small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we learned how important is to connect with the rest of the world and how your online appearance and social media can help you grow your work, brand, or any kind of business you have. 

Making music, producing, mixing od DJing was nothing without good promotion, without a good online marketing strategy or branding your work. 

We learned those good things need to be promoted, they won't tell a story by themself. Figuring this out, we were forced to learn skills of communication, skills of digital marketing, and social media marketing. 

Today, we are doing the best we learned about music, entertainment, social media marketing, digital marketing, design, content marketing, and branding in one marketing agency. We discovered that art, especially music is the universal language of people, no matter where you live or who you are if we like the same thing we are already forever bound.

Good things need space, need support. Don't let your hard work and ideas don't get the attention which they deserve. 


Big Bells Digital is a creative, media, entertainment, and digital marketing agency from Böblingen in Germany. It`s created by a graduate lawyer, music producer, DJ, and Google's certificated digital marketing specialist Adnan Jakubovic. 

Our agency is creating marketing strategies for social media and online marketing. We specialized our work in social media marketing, SEO & Web design, Facebook and Instagram Ads, music publishing, promotion, and branding. 

In the music industry, we are active since 2006 and over a years we expand our music to almost all corners of the world. Since 2013 we are actively making and promoting our podcast series called Big Bells Podcast. In past years are partners were Frisky Radio (USA), RadioEttlingen (Germany), House Radio (Poland), DNA Radio (Argentina), and today Big Bells Podcast is part of Proton Radio from San Francisco (USA).

As an agency, Big Bells Digital also has a music record label called Big Bells Records. On this label, we release quality underground electronic music, mostly progressive house, melodic house, and melodic techno. Our label has artists from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the UK, Poland, Germany, Turkey, and many other countries. 

Our office is in Böblingen, Germany. 



Big Bells Digital is on a mission of creating a perfect connection between art, music, social media, and online marketing. Our agency will invest all our knowledge, experience, and skills in a mission of reaching people who will recognize your talent and your work. 

We learned how important is to have the right connection with your customers, buyers, listeners, or just people who show interest in your work, company, or brand.


We saw how art is still important to people, how art can connect the world of different cultures, countries, languages. Just because of all of this we are here, to be that bridge that connects art with people around the world using digital & social media.

With our work in the music industry, we put a smile and joy on the face of many people around the world and now we are continuing with this mission for our customers and fans.

Our mission is to discover talents, people with hard work and dedication, and help them stand up, to help them promote their work for other people around the world. Just for them, we will create content that will be unique and creative and will reach the right audience. 

Our Partners

Proton Radion San Francisco USA
Big Bells Records Stuttgart Germany
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