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Revolutionary Progressive House Rhythms: Elysium EP from talented Nikola Jovanovic

Nikola Jovanovic is a Progressive House music producer based in Belgrade, Serbia. With a passion for crafting emotive and dynamic tracks that blend melodic hooks with driving rhythms, Nikola has quickly gained recognition in the electronic music scene by releasing on leading labels such as Deep Down Music, Future Avenue, Big Bells Records, Consapevole, AH Digital and more.

Through his music, Nikola invites listeners on a journey of sound and emotion, weaving together hypnotic melodies and pulsing basslines. From peak-time bangers to introspective grooves, his productions showcase various influences and moods, all delivered with his signature touch of musicality and production finesse.


Release name: Elysium EP

Artists: Nikola Jovanovic

Pre-Order: 19/05/2023

Release date: 26/05/2023

Label: Big Bells Records

Style: Progressive House / Melodic House


Nikola made 3 exclusive songs for our label, which are coming under EP Elysium. These 3 songs present the true drive of progressive house and will definitely fit in any DJ set or playlist. Enjoy listening to and supporting new artists.

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