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Know Us

Big Bells Digital is a music and event agency which is working locally and online.

We provide DJ service in the Stuttgart area for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, holidays, festivals, clubs, and more. We are also a digital music label and we release, sell, promotion music over our electronic music label Big Bells Records.


Big Bells Digital is also a place where, artists, music producers, DJs, music promoters and other people from the music industry can tell their stories and we share them with the world. We make exclusive interviews, music premieres and music promotions. 

Our mission is to blend seamless DJ services, innovative music promotion, and a thriving music label to create unforgettable moments for our clients and audiences.

We are located in Stuttgart, Germany.


Exploring the Melodic House Universe with

DJ Valentina Bravo:

A Journey Through Music and Inspiration

Meet DJ Valentina Bravo, a talented artist whose passion for music knows no bounds. With over 40k subscribers and 4 million views on her YouTube channel, Valentina captivates audiences worldwide with her soulful mixes and infectious energy.

House Music Promo

Get music from our label as a promo. Receive our exclusive singles, EPs, or VA Compilations up to 4 weeks before the official release date for only 1,99€/monthly

Services We Provide

DJ & Event Service in Stuttgart Area

DJ service in Stuttgart for events such are weddings, birthdays, corporation events, holidays, festivals, clubs, and more. Also, we are open for booking international. Our After Work music and chill lounge events concept is perfect for local bars, lounges, restaurants, and open-air events.

Music releasing over Big Bells Records

Under our digital music label Big Bells Records, we are releasing electronic dance music worldwide. Our favorite styles are Melodic, Progressive, Organic, and Deep House, but we also release Melodic Techno, Electronic, and Breaks. Our distributor is Proton Radio from San Francisco.

Music, Events, Artist Promotion and PR

We are promoting music and artists from around the world. We will premiere your new music on our SoundCloud, telling people a story of you over our website blog and promoting your events, products and art. 

Workshops, Trainings and Networking

We have over 18 years in the music industry we have connections, partners, and friends around the world. We are offering for local occasions workshops about electronic dance music, DJing, tips for music releasing, music promotion and 

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