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We transform creativity into digital and media marketing. 

We are a digital marketing agency specializing in media and music promotion. Our unique approach to digital and social media marketing will help you grow your music audience, establish you as a music brand and reach more followers and fans. 


The music industry is changing very fast are you keeping track of these changes?

  • Do you need someone who knows how to make a professional website for you, your event, label, or podcast?

  • Or do you need someone who will help you how to get better brand awareness for your music or label?

  • Do you want to promote your music on social media with an influencer marketing service?

  • Do you want to make good Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube promotions but you are not sure how?

  • Do you want to release your music on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, and Youtube?

  • Do you know what is SEO but don't know how to do your website SEO?

  • Need to promote your music over email marketing service?

  • Do you need a professional DJ service for your local events?

  • Are you DJ, music producer, event, podcast creator, music label and would like to have your own website?

  • Need help with promoting your music, your work, and yourself as DJ and music producer?


 We are here to show you how, when, and where!

Social Media Management & Digital Marketing Consulting

Creating and managing your social media profiles and having the right digital marketing strategy is in today's world one of the most important aspects of any marketing strategy. More than 56 % of the whole world population is using social media today.


Is it Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or something else, this is what people will first search when they found your company or business.

Our agency will help you set quality and professional-looking social media profiles and we will design a unique digital marketing strategy for your brand or company. 

Digital Electronic Music Label

We are in the music industry since 2006. We are creating, releasing, and promoting the best of underground house music.


Our record house Big Bells Records and podcast series Big Bells Podcast are promoting underground electronic dance music on channels like Soundcloud, Spotify, Youtube, and others.

Your music will be released in all main digital stores such are Spotify, Beatport, iTunes, Tidal and fully monetized on Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube, Facebook, and other social media apps. 


Big Bells Records has producers from India, Sri Lanka, Germany, the UK, Argentina, and many other counties. We are one international team full of talents.

Music Promotion & Marketing

Over the past years, we saw how hard is to promote good music, how hard is to reach the right audience. Music sales as we know are dead and more and more people are using streams to listen to and enjoy music.

Also, DJs who use to played music are starting to use the service of streaming music, and fewer and fewer people buying physical copies of music. 

Our mission is to help you to promote your music to the right audience and let people hear about your music what in end will lead to more awareness and more streams with getting more bookings, more royalties, and more contract deals.  

Facebook & Instagram Ads, Google Ads

Organic promotion is almost dead, it is harder than ever to reach the right audience with organic promotion, and setting right paid advertising is a job for professionals. 

Our team will set professional pay ads (PPC) on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube. We will create original content, target your perfect audience and monitor your ads.

Getting your professional ads on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube is our mission.   

Website Design & SEO

A modern-looking website design with an international or local SEO strategy is what any business need. Your website is your online business card, it's a place where you present yourself. 

Your website will help you to keep in contact with your customers, reach new people locally or internationally.

We are building websites for DJs, music producers, record labels, events, or your podcast series. Your website will be your digital address where your fans will be updated on your work and news updates. 

DJ & Party service

Active as a DJ since 2006 and as a music producer since 2010 playing in countries such are Germany, Luxembourg, Holland, Serbia, Slovenia. We are making events, live streams, parties, and more. 
Giving people the joy of dancing is something special. 

Our DJ service can mix music at your events, company celebrations, shop (re)openings, art exhibitions, birthday parties, and more.
Give people joy and show that you care about them.



Helping you to make a good marketing strategy!

Big Bells Digital uses the knowledge, connections, and experience we earned in the past fifteen to help DJs, producers, music labels to promote the work, music, and services online and worldwide. 

Music like any other business needs to be promoted, needs a good marketing strategy so it can reach a more relevant audience. Good music must be heard and today as social media is evolving music producers and DJs must do that too. Music sales over past years are going down and everything is now in the focus of streaming. 


We in Big Bells Digital will make professional Facebook & Instagram and Youtube Ads for your music release, mixes, and other music services. With our marketing strategy, you will get more plays, followers, streams, and better awareness for your brand, music, and talent.


Music News, interviews, Podcasts, and more.

Read/listen more about music you like at our blog.


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