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Discovering the Dynamic Sounds of Progressive House: A Deep Dive into the Latest EP from Ishan (SL)

Release number 43 is from talented Ishan (SL) from Sri Lanka. Ishan was our guest on our podcast series Big Bells & Friends and now he deceide to join our label with this fantastic EP.

Release name: Serendipity EP

Artists: Ishan (SL)

Pre-Order: 24/03/2023

Release date: 31/03/2023

Style: Progressive House / Melodic House

Ishan (SL) gained his first residency at RIU Hotels and Resorts, Sri Lanka. This was an education as it was a commercial residency where he had to focus mainly on playing hip hop and R&B for the tourists, however, in the meantime, he still got opportunities to play what he loved playing the most, and that was purely underground music. Then he moved to the tropical paradise, Maldives, and worked as a Resident DJ there for more than two years. Now, he is the Resident DJ of our biggest event planner in Sri Lanka, La Foresta, and he has shared decks with international artists such as Armen Miran, Roy Rosenfeld, DJ Ruby, Aaron Suiss, Inna Ra, and Carolina Martinez.


Ishan's EP "Serendipity" is coming with two wonderful remixes from Lucio Gastaldo and Mati Vaira. Both producers are from Argentina and they gave us special Argentinian progressive house touch to this song. Luci Gastaldo already had one EP last year on our label and this will be his first remix duty. Mati Vaira will have his debut on Big Bells Records and he has a very long list of great releases. He released his music on labels such are Mango Alley, One Of A Kind, 3rd Avenue, Balkan Connection South America, and many others.


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