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The Art of Melodic Techno Experience: Insights from a renowned DJ and music producer SHAZZE

Melodic Techno is a subgenre of electronic dance music that has gained immense popularity in recent years due to its unique blend of deep, driving beats and rich, melodic elements. At the forefront of this musical movement are DJs and producers who specialize in creating immersive, uplifting and emotive soundscapes that transport listeners to otherworldly realms. Because of all of this, we decide to take small talk with talented and very passionate producer SHAZZE from London.

SHAZZE is an international DJ, and producer. Originally from India but has spent most of his life in the UK, where he attended and graduated from a well-known London Sound Academy. Over the years, SHAZZE became a pretty recognizable name in the electronic music environment, regularly playing in some of the world’s best clubs like London’s Ministry Of Sound & EGG LDN supporting International acts.

(1) Hi SHAZZE. Thank you for joining us for this interview. We know you are active as DJ, producer and promoter. Could you tell our readers more about yourself?

Sure, I moved to London over 20 years ago to further my DJ career. I am born in India and raised in London. Music has been hard-wired into my DNA from a very young age. I entered the industry in early 2000 teaching myself how to DJ & making crowds of people dance after. Over 10 years later, I have made myself popular in the local club circuit, regularly playing in some of the biggest clubs in London (Ministry Of Sound & EGG) supporting International acts such as Massano, Miss Monique, Guy J, Korolova, Hernan Cattaneo, just to name a few.

(2) We know you are originally from India, but you lived in London and now you are in Poland. If we may ask you, why did you change from London to Warsaw? Is the scene so strong in Warsaw?

Well as the saying goes, everything happens for a reason. I always had a soft spot for Warsaw and I moved here just before the COVID ever since I never looked back. I really love the city. The scene in Warsaw is captivated by the energy of the Local people. I could really relate to their passion and how much devotion they have for their music.

(3) We heard your last song, Lucy. Could you tell us more about this song?

LUCY is a very groovy track with heavy basslines, this track landed up in one of all-time favorite labels Perspectives Digital. Big ups to the label boss Darin Epsilon for believing in me & giving me this opportunity. This track landed up in a very special VA.

(4) We know you are a promoter and founder of 4AM Events. What is the most challenging for you when you make your events?

The challenges are numerous, from securing the best venue which can both deliver and present a stunning experience to negotiating the right deal with the venue owner. Also, I always try to get the best artists within the operating budget restrictions. It is a constant balancing act.

(5) For the end, let us hear what are your plans for this year, new music, events, or tour.

Sure, this year has been a slow start but a very steady one, As there is a lot of new stuff on the way, with several massive releases on labels such as Einmusika, UV, and Perspectives Digital. Which will also include some interesting collaborations with some very well-known producers like Filip Fisher & Nihil Young. I will also be making my debut in Berlin next month as I will be performing in Berlin Dance music which I am very excited about. I also want to keep learning so this way I can keep expressing my deep passion for music. Thank you!


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