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Deep Dive into Lindau's House Music Scene: Interview with gifted music producer and DJ Arrakis

Meet Arrakis, a prodigiously talented house music producer and DJ hailing from the picturesque town of Lindau, Germany. With an innate passion for crafting infectious beats and soul-stirring melodies, Arrakis has quickly made a name for himself in the electronic music scene in this small town of Bodensee. Known for his exceptional ability to infuse organic elements into his tracks, he effortlessly blends captivating rhythms with ethereal sounds, creating an immersive musical experience that transports listeners to euphoric realms. A true maestro of his craft, Arrakis continues to push boundaries and redefine the sound of modern house music, making Lindau a proud hub of musical innovation. We had a small talk with him about his road to becoming a music producer and DJ and about his series of events in Lindau.

(1) Hi Arrakis. Thank you for joining us for this interview. We know you are active as a producer and you are part of our Big Bells Record, but could you tell our readers more about yourself, and your road to becoming a producer and DJ?

Hi there, I am glad you invited me. My road to becoming a DJ was not as easy as I thought it would be. In my hometown Zagreb, there are a lot of great DJs and Producers. I have to mention that Domagoj Radas and Matija Marinic got me in the scene pretty early cause they were at that time very respected DJs and Producers there. One day Domagoj brought two technics 1210mk2 from DJ Hadji to my home and at that moment journey has begun. The first big event was organized by my very missed friend Richard Dobranic (R.I.P buddy) in Samobor in 2012 with George Morel (Supported by MTV). After a while and a few gigs in the Croatian scene was necessary to be a producer to stand out in the mass. I started to experiment with Ableton in 2015 and got my first release on The Turning Wheel Records in Switzerland. Huge thanks go to Matthias and Michael Hoffmann who spent hours and hours with me, to finally got the track ready and release it as Collab. After moving to Germany I won a few of the DJ contests and got a chance to share decks with Bjorn Torwellen, many great local DJs and Francesco Tristano (NY). I also want to mention Kultursektor Elektra and Kollektiv Vagabunt in Bregenz and Kultur Lindau for inviting me to their great private and official open-air party!!

(2) For 17th June you preparing something special in Lindau. What are you planning and who are your "partners in crime" in this project?

Yeah, there is one great collective in my new hometown Lindau and it is ´´Kultur Lindau´´ which brings the music scene back to life, they organize a lot of different events not only parties. Thiersch 0 is happening on 17.06 on Lindau Island hosted by this great collective and supported by local DJ´s DJ Cuin and as I am also playing there, we decided to make an aftershow party in ´´Heizraum´´ in the Showtime Bar in Lindau with Alex Rau and Meat.tovsky. It is our first event in Showtime Bar this year.

(3) Lindau is a small but beautiful old city at Bodensee Lake in Germany. How is the electronic music scene there, any cool clubs? Also, are you/they supported by the local community, the city of Lindau too?

Yes, Lindau is a really beautiful city, we have here a lot of talented musicians. Few clubs in Lindau focus on other music genres and in the electronic music scene, I have to mention ´´Kultur Lindau´´ makes the most of it at the moment.

(4) We know you are very talented and you have a wonderful feel for a smooth deep, organic and progressive house. Could you share with our readers if are you working on something new, EP, collaboration, or an album maybe?

I am honored to hear this, as I criticize myself very hard when I produce music. At the moment I am working on a few upcoming EPs. There is a lot of work to do so I can´t name release dates already, but stay in touch some nice grooves are upcoming.


(5) For the end, your current top 3 tracks are…?

The first one is of course ´´Usque ad finem et ultra´´ release on Big Bells Records, we reached 2. place in TOP100/Organic House charts. Only 2 days after release. This was one of the greatest moments as Adnan (Label Owner and CEO) wrote me, what are the stats of the release. The second one I would like to choose is ´´Looking For´´ on Bunshin Records. I love to release free download tracks, so Bunshin Records is a place to look for most of my tracks that are Free Downloads. The third one is ´´Interpersonal´´ on Pure Dope Digital!

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