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Remedy Project Hosted DJ Massano at Bliss Beach Restaurant & Lounge in Alanya, Turkey

On 17 July 2022, in the beautiful city of Alanya, Antalya, Turkey, at Bliss Beach Restaurant & Lounge, an event left its attendees in a coveted moment. The Remedy Project has been responsible for curating beautiful and entertaining events for music lovers as it hosted DJ Massano at the Bliss Beach Restaurant & League. The venue was filled with fans and music lovers from far and near as the DJ performed his curated album. The beach is a must-visit if you're considering visiting Alanya. Wondering if Bliss Beach Restaurant & Lounge is the best for you? Read on.


Bliss Beach Restaurant & Lounge

Bliss Beach Restaurant & Lounge is an ideal place to see and experience the best moment of life as it houses everything you need to have a beautiful moment with your spouse or partner. It is where you enjoy delicious food and experience a magnificent view of the sea.

Bliss Beach Restaurant & Lounge
Bliss Beach Restaurant & Lounge

The beach is located in Alanya/Antalya, Turkey. It has one of the best customer service experiences as making you happy is its top priority list. If you're on a visit or stay around Antalya in Turkey, Bliss Beach Restaurant & Lounge will cover you for your night summer house, and deep house music performance as Remedy Project takes the lead.

Remedy Project presents Massano in Bliss Beach Restaurant & Lounge, Alanya Turkey
Remedy Project presents Massano in Bliss Beach Restaurant & Lounge, Alanya Turkey

Remedy Project has always made guest houses, hotels, and the region a boom by keeping its guests and visitors with deep house music performances. Want to know more about Remedy Project, its next music shows, and events? Read on

The Remedy Project

The Remedy Project is a music series organized to distribute music shows and events in the different cities of Turkey. It's aimed at developing music and talents that appeal to different segments of people within and outside the country.

The project holds different music shows and events in various locations within the country, where artists and DJs from other parts of the world are invited to unleash their melodious musical sounds. The project has hosted several top professionals and organizations in the industry, sound and light show events which have left many in awe.

The Remedy Project aimed to organize events and shows that can accommodate several persons ranging from 300 - 400, depending on the venue size. Tickets are sold in every event to enable the team to organize the events swiftly. You'll also get some freebies and good food and drinks where applicable.

In light of this, DJ Massano was hosted by the project and performed summer house music at the Bliss Beach Restaurant & Lounge. The event started at 19:00 and saw the DJ roll out his album in melodious arts that saw everyone longing for more.

Massano for Remedy Project in Alanya, Turkey.
Massano for Remedy Project in Alanya, Turkey.

The Remedy Project has planned to host another event with the following details below.

Event Date: 13 August 2022

Event Venue: İllusion Palm Beach

Event time: 19:00



The Remedy Project has never seen a dull moment since inceptions, as DJ Messano's hosting was a memorable one to note. Want to know more about DJ Massano and its upcoming event and show?

Here's the catch!

DJ Massano

DJ Massano is a melodic techno producer from Liverpool with debut releases on Afterlife, Running Clouds, Oddity, Atlant, and Eleatics. Massano entered the music industry through his record label Eternity Sounds, a platform used to unleash new talents around the globe in the music industry.

The artist has gained so much popularity after his record label was recognized by fans and some of the high-profile names in the industry, including Mind Against, Tales Of Us, Mathame, Kevin De Vries, Innellea, Undercatt, and a bunch of others.


Massano rose as an artist when his modern melodic techno sounds gained support from Mind Against in the Cercle set at Centro Ceremonial Otomi, Mexico.

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