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Meet DJ Worda. One of the pioneers of the Techno Music scene from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Davor Pavelic alias Worda is a true music lover. Based in Sarajevo and on the scene for over 19 years, he played with some well-known names such are Cristian Varela, Marco Bailey, Sam Paganini, Du'Art, Spartaque, Nakadia, Fernanda Martins, Oxia, Deborah De Luca, Axel Karakasis, Umek, Horacio Cruz, and many many more domestic, regional and worldwide artists.

In his career so far Worda has over 100 digital releases and it comes multiple times on the top charts of music stores. His productions are signed for many good labels such are 1605 Music Therapy, Yin Yang Records, Italo Business, Teggno, Pragmatik, DSR Digital, Frequenza Records, ECI Korea, and many more worldwide record labels.

DJ Worda will play this weekend on 26.11.2022 in Club Palma Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina together with Adnoir and Daki. Before his big event, he shared some of this precious time to do one interview with us.

(1) Hi Worda. Thank you for joining us for this interview. We know that you are been active for many years as a producer and DJ but still, could you tell our readers more about yourself, when and how everything started?

Thank you for the invitation for this interview yes I'm on the electronic music scene for 19 years now and next year will be special for me since I celebrate my 20th anniversary on the scene and after a lot of releases, I'm preparing my first album and album tour, on which I will give you more information in time. If I throwback on my first appearance it was when I'm 17 back in 2003 in Sarajevo's cult club in that time, club Kuk. After it, my calendar was full of gigs in small venues around Bosnia and Herzegovina for the next 4-5 years, and then I started to play on bigger gigs for various organizations and clubs and then comes the regional gigs and that is how it started and growth in serious career.

(2) Could you tell our readers more about the Techno music scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina, how are things now after COVID-19?

I have to say that scene in Bosnia was more or less like the scene in Croatia and Serbia before COVID-19. There were great events with great worldwide artists in several cities and clubs around the state and with festivals, we could say we had a good electronic music scene. After COVID-19, there are only a few clubs left open and only a few organizations to organize bigger events, so now only festivals making the progress. For new and domestic artists, it's like the dark ages again for their development, but also the scene we won't give up!

Do you also have a story to share with us, our readers, and your fans?

(3) On 26.11.22 you are going back to Tuzla to legendary club Palma. How is your connection with Tuzla and the Techno music scene there?

YES! Legendary Palma has opened again this year and it is one of 3-4 clubs that opened their doors again after COVID-19. For me, it's really special since the Palma Club and Tuzla area, in general, had a great impact on my career from the beginning. I use to play in Palma 4-5 times every year and now you can catch me playing there only 2-3 times per year, and my 2nd time this year is next weekend on the 26th of November, where I will be playing with domestic artists: Daki as our host, and talented Adnoir from Sarajevo. I expect a full house since we all are in full swing this year and I consider this event as one which will strengthen the relations between colleagues and DJs, but also strengthen the community around the club in general. So I invite all the new and the old ravers to gather again and support the local community.

(4) It is winter and winter is usually a time when producers spent more time in the studio making new music, mixing, and working on a new project. So is there anything new in the plan, new music, or events?

Well, since the club season is in full swing and there are a lot of ongoing festivals in regional countries Serbia and Croatia studio will probably wait for the beginning of next year. For now, I run my own projects 'Chain Reaction Events' which takes place in Sarajevo's club Trezor with domestic and regional artists. In December I will host talented Techno music DJs from Novi Sad, Serbia: Djane Sesha and super talented Muhi in Sarajevo and then comes my first appearance in Dubai. On an NYE I will be playing in Palma Tuzla for the 3rd time this year. For the beginning of 2023 my record label 'mTechno Records' will restart, as well and release a new chapter after COVID-19 for me and the music label. Release 'Chapter III' will be various compilations with great artists from Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Balkan region. I'm excited to be back in business in full swing.

(5) For the end, your current top 3 tracks are…?

Well if I understand the question correctly, 3 of my top tracks which I use to play on my gigs are Endorfin, Bassamak, and Inevitable .. 3 tracks are from different times, but since the music is universal and timeless language, people just love them and I will continue to play them.

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