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Unveiling 'Ishara': Sri Lankan DJ Noise Generation Takes Progressive House by Storm with Debut EP on Big Bells Records (incl. exclusive interview)

Noise Generation, the Sri Lankan music producer and DJ, emerges onto the global electronic music scene with his debut EP, "Ishara," released under the esteemed Big Bells Records label from Stuttgart. This EP is a testament to Noise Generation's prowess in crafting vibrant and dynamic progressive house tunes, showcasing his ability to blend melody with energy seamlessly.

The EP kicks off with its titular track, "Ishara." From the first beat, listeners are enveloped in a captivating soundscape where pulsating basslines intertwine with ethereal melodies. The track builds steadily, layering intricate synth patterns and euphoric chord progressions, creating an irresistible atmosphere that beckons listeners to lose themselves on the dance floor. With its infectious rhythm and uplifting vibes, "Ishara" sets the stage for an exhilarating musical journey.

We had a small interview with this talented music producer.
(1) Hello Noise! Your journey from Sri Lanka to collaborating with international labels like Big Bells Records in Germany is quite inspiring. How did you found our label and why did you deceide to release your music with us ?

Your roster is filled with talented artists I admire, and I've noticed several collaborations with Sri Lankan artists. Your music resonates perfectly with my vibe.

(2) "Ishara" seems to be a significant project for you. Could you tell us about the meaning behind the EP's title and how the concept or theme influenced the overall sound and mood of the tracks?

I have a deep affection for ethnic music from various cultures. The title 'Ishara' embodies an endeavor to capture the traditional essence of Sri Lanka. Throughout the creation process, incorporating local music into this track became my signature style.

(3)  We saw you are very active as a DJ and producer. Could you tell us more about your future plans, events, and releases?

My goal this year is to embark on an international tour. My releases are slated to drop before the year's end, featuring under esteemed labels such as Timeless Moment, Clubsonica Records, Univack Records, and more. Currently, I've been invited to numerous top-tier events in Sri Lanka scheduled to take place until July.

In conclusion, "Ishara" is a stellar debut offering from Noise Generation, showcasing his talent as a music producer and DJ. With its infectious beats, lush melodies, and emotive undertones, this EP is sure to leave a lasting impression on electronic music enthusiasts worldwide. Keep an eye on Noise Generation, as he is undoubtedly a rising star in the realm of progressive house music.


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