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Introducing La Foresta's Unforgettable Electronic Music Experience with Hernan Cattaneo in Sri Lanka

Updated: Apr 1

La Foresta is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking event that promises to redefine the electronic music landscape in Sri Lanka. Inspired by our passion for showcasing exceptional talents within the global underground music community, we are proud to present Hernan Cattaneo, an internationally renowned electronic music artist, for his debut performance in Sri Lanka. Big Bells Digital made an exclusive interview with the La Foresta team to announce this amazing event to our worldwide audience.

(1) What inspired La Foresta to bring Hernan Cattaneo, an internationally renowned electronic music artist, for his debut performance in Sri Lanka, and what can attendees expect from this unique experience?

La Foresta's inspiration to bring Hernan Cattaneo, an internationally renowned electronic music artist, for his debut performance in Sri Lanka stems from our vision to showcase exceptional talents within the global underground music community in Sri Lanka. By inviting an artist of Cattaneo's caliber, La Foresta aims to offer an unparalleled musical experience, emphasizing the quality, depth, and immersive journey of progressive house music can provide. Hernan Cattaneo is celebrated for his ability to weave intricate details into his tracks that captivate and move audiences, making him the perfect fit for La Foresta's mission to create events that are not just parties but memorable experiences. And of course, attendees can expect a unique experience that goes well beyond the ordinary boundaries of electronic music events. With Hernan Cattaneo's reputation for delivering emotionally charged sets that blend progressive house with touches of techno and deep house, our participants are likely to embark on a musical journey that explores the full spectrum of human emotion and connection.

(2)  Alongside Hernan Cattaneo, the lineup includes Graziano Raffa, Simply City, and local DJs. How did La Foresta curate this diverse lineup and who are local DJs panned for this event?

La Foresta always aims to assemble diverse lineups with immense talents and recognition, so it was only natural to have to include Hernan Cattaneo, along with his Sudbeat record label friends Graziano Raffa (label manager), Simply City, and the local artists that are also a part of the Sudbeat family. The local lineup includes the only four artists from Sri Lanka to have signed in to the label; A-Jay, Echo Daft, Noisey Project and Subandrio, all of whom have been a part of the La Foresta family from the beginning as well. The curation process simply includes the finest local artists that have always been with La Foresta and are artists from the Sudbeat Record Label.

Hernan Cattaneo
Hernan Cattaneo
(3) After hosting Hernan Cattaneo's debut performance in Sri Lanka, what are La Foresta's future plans for bringing more electronic music experiences to the local scene? Are there any upcoming events or collaborations in the pipeline that attendees can look forward to?

La Foresta, after hosting Hernan Cattaneo's debut performance in Sri Lanka, Will continue our keen interest in enriching the local electronic music scene with more beautiful experiences by bringing down major names, so that our community can experience performances that are internationally successful. In fact, we have already planned two more major events to be held within the year. Additionally, La Foresta Recordings, our label, is dedicated to showcasing a mix of engaging and obscure talents from across the electronic music spectrum, particularly focusing on Progressive House; showcasing our commitment to bringing diverse electronic music experiences to Sri Lanka. We encourage creative talents worldwide to get in touch, with an openness to future collaborations and events that could further enrich the local scene.


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Date: 11.04.2024 Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Line up: Hernan Cattaneo, Graziano Raffa, Simply City,  A-Jay, Echo Daft, Noisey Project and Subandrio


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