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The Melodic Magic of DJ Luzhik: A Deep Dive into the Artist's Techno Productions and Life Journey

Updated: Feb 6

Today, we have the pleasure of delving into the vibrant world of Luzhik, a burgeoning melodic techno sensation hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Canada. As we embark on this musical journey, Luzhik graciously joins our Big Bells Records with a new EP called "Never Again". This EP will be released on 15th December 2023 in all main digital stores. Take a few minutes and read this super interview we made with this talented lady.

(1) Hi Luzhik. Thank you for joining our Big Bells Digital interview sessions. Can you tell us about your journey as a music producer and DJ? What inspired you to pursue this path in the music industry?

I was inspired by other DJs and producers when I was in China. I worked as a dancer in a club where Steve Aoki came, I saw his performance on stage and just wanted to do the same, and of course, I am inspired by our Ukrainian Artists such as Korolova, Miss Monique, Beat Inside etc. The track "Never Again" was inspired by the nature of Canada and unrequited love.

(2) Balancing a career in music with a background in ballet is quite unique. How do you find the intersection between your passion for dancing and your love for electronic music?

Dancing has been with me all my life. At first, it was a children's school where my mother sent me, where I first learned to count music and hear it at the time. I went to music school and liked to play the accordion. My dad loved listening to vinyl records and I was always interested in what my dad was interested in since this all started.

(3) As a DJ finding inspiration is crucial for creating unique and compelling music. Could you share some insights into your process of discovering and harnessing inspiration for your DJ mixes?

I think it's YouTube, I really like listening to DJs mixes there.

(4) The music industry is constantly evolving, and emerging artists face unique challenges. How is the scene now in Canada and are having some upcoming events, gigs?

I don’t have any problems with this, if you are talented in Canada, they will definitely find out about you. Canada gives this opportunity one hundred percent, very often, the company with which I work gives me a chance to perform with famous artists and play as their opening act, the coolest experience was this In the summer I played at 2 big festivals called "Chasing Summer" and "Badlands" I was the opening act for Deadmau5 and Spencer Brown in Calgary.


Send us your demo music now !

(5) For the end, your current top 3 tracks are…?

This is a difficult question 1. A Flock of Seagulls - I Ran

2. Kupala - Doanro, Lonner F.R.I.M

3. Three - Mila Journee


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