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Progressive House Mastery: Unveiling Mendoza's Rising Star - The Talented Matías Delóngaro

Meet Matías Delóngaro, an exceptionally talented DJ and producer hailing from the vibrant city of Mendoza, Argentina. Known for his distinctive and energetic style and innovative sound, Matías has been captivating progressive house music enthusiasts worldwide with his melodic beats and fascinating rhythms. Drawing inspiration from the picturesque landscapes of his hometown, Matías effortlessly weaves emotive melodies into his progressive house tracks, creating a unique sonic experience that transports listeners to a realm of euphoria.

Matías Delóngaro is set to become a prominent name in the global progressive house scene, leaving an indelible mark on hearts and dancefloors. We are very proud to have him on our Big Bells Records. Enjoy reading his interview and also do not forget to share it.

(1) Hi Matias. Welcome to the Big Bells Digital team. From your biography, we read that you are active as a DJ and producer since 2017. Could you tell our readers how everything started and what was breaking point was for you?

Hello everyone. I thank Adnan and the Big Bells team for the opportunity to participate in their label and for the invitation to this interview. Since I was a child I had a lot of interest in music, I dreamed of playing music for other people, whether it was at a family party or with friends at a disco. So I started with this beautiful world of music, and from there began my interest in starting to make my own songs But, I had a hard time getting my productions out since I'm shy, until a friend heard a demo and encouraged me to send it to a label. I can consider that my breaking point was in the 2020 pandemic, it was there (since, since I had more free time) I spent hours and hours sitting down learning about music production and composing. I am a very self-taught person.

(2) As a DJ and producer your music and performances have garnered significant attention. Looking ahead, what are your aspirations and goals for the future? Are there any upcoming projects, collaborations, or events?

I am very grateful to the people who support me daily, in each release. I always really liked collaborating and trying to give new producers and new labels the possibility, either to be able to release their tracks or a remix. In the short term, there are many collaborations with friends and colleagues, new Eps, and also the possibility of releasing an Album that goes from Chill Out and ambient to Progressive House. While in the long term, my dream is to be able to have my own studio (right now it's very small) to be able to receive musicians of all styles and who can record their musical pieces there. Also, one day I would like to do the soundtrack for a movie.


Matías will have his debut on our Big Bells Records this month. Check out his remix of Randle`s song Emotional on our Soundcloud page.


(4) In today's digital age, streaming platforms and social media play a significant role in promoting music. How do you leverage these platforms to connect with your audience and expand your reach as an artist?

I learned a lot to manage social networks when I obtained the title of Public Relations with Community Manager Orientation, that's why I manage social networks myself on a daily basis. I must clarify that sometimes it is a bit cumbersome for me to deal with this, since in these moments of the digital age, the RRSS need a lot of attention and when I have little time I abandon them.

(5) For the end, your current top 3 tracks are…?

1. Maris - September (Mass Digital Remix) [Dialtone Records]

2.Javier Stefano - Humus [Anoka]

3. Lanfree - Hot (Original Mix) [3rd Avenue]


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