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A new deep and melodic house EP called Herzmensch by Flaky from Germany

Big Bells Records presents his new release and release number 20 from a new German producer called Flaky.

The album is called Herzemensch and the story behind this album is very touching and emotional.

Flaky's friend Sveno is no longer with us and the whole album is dedicated to him.

"Herzmensch" in English means "Heart Man" and the album is really made from the heart.

You can feel it in music and melodies, the moments like this are exactly what makes music wonderful, it goes through your ears and directs in the heart.

Flaky real name is Markus Klabunde and he is living in Mühlhausen/Ehingen, Germany.

For more than 20 years he is passionate about electronic music, from the beginning of his raving days he attended Goa Trance events in Switzerland and Germany.

After listening to this EP you will feel a true passion for music in Flaky's sound and his talent is remarkable.

Artist: Flaky

Release name: Herzmensch EP

Pre-Order: 16/07/2021

Release date: 23/07/2021

Style: Progressive House / Melodic House / Deep House


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