Big Bells Records

Big Bells Records is a record label created in June 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany. Our distributor is Proton Sound System from San Francisco, USA. Our record house is promoting and releasing all styles of Underground Electronic music, but our favorite styles are Progressive House, Melodic House, Melodic Techno, Deep House, Ambient and Chill and Electronic. 

We have producers and members from all over the world and this is something we admire the most. Our music and quality are recognized by producers all over the world, from India up to Argentina.  

Till now we have releases from artists such are Nishan Lee, Adnan Jakubovic, BODAI, Sinan Arsan, Da Luka, Stereo Munk, Pal-E, Weird Sounding Dude Remix and many others. 

We are fully dedicated to bringing quality music and connecting the world with the art of music. Our office is in Stuttgart, Germany and our distributor is in San Franciso, USA.

All music we release on our label it can be found on all main digital stores like Spotify, iTunes, Beatport, Juno Download, Tidal, Deezer, Soundcloud and many others. 

We are open to receiving demos, so feel free to send them anytime at our email.

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Our releases

Our label is active since 2019 and till now we have had over 18 different EPs. In our label family, we have producers from countries such are Argentina, the UK, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Holland, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and many others.

We released music from producers such are Nishan Lee, Adnan Jakubovic, Gate 44, Bodai, AudioStorm, Sinan Arsan, Flaky, Stereo Munk, CMB Cruzz, and others.

Our diversity makes our value, we connect talents around the world with a mission of creating, promoting, and searing music. 

Music is the universal language of mankind!

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Over eighteen different EP, singles, or compilations and still counting.


Artist from seventeen different countries around the world.


Streams in one year on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, and others.