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DJ, producer and promoter ENZO VOOD is making an impact in Sri Lanka's progressive house music scene

A beautiful island in the Indian Ocean called Sri Lank had a lot to offer. Sri Lanka has wonderful beaches, amazing jungles, rich culture, religious diversity. Also, what for us is especially interesting is the talents, passion, and love these people share for electronic house music. Over the past years, we saw a lot of talented music producers like Nishan Lee, Subandrio, Dimuth K, Shanil Alox, Rockka and many others coming from this country.

Today, we are especially proud to present ENZO VOOD. Enzo is a music producer, DJ, promoter and also founder of a clothing brand called CULTER. He released his music for labels such are 3rd Avenue, Modern Agenda, BC2 Records and shared decks with an artist as Guy J, Stan Kolev, Dj Ruby, The Yellowheads, Praveen Achary and others.

(01) Hello Enzo. Thank you for joining the Big Bells Digital family. For a start, could you say a few words about yourself?

My Name is Sameera Liyanage and ENZO VOOD is my stage name. I was born in 1990 in Colombo Sri Lanka and had my education from Vijayaba College Colombo. currently, I'm handling a clothing brand and an event management company.

(02) We read on your social media that you are DJ, producer, promoter and also you have your clothing brand. All this makes you a very active and very creative person, so we are curious how you keep all this together?

Actually, I do everything with a love for them. So I can manage all of them easily and I can find a time for them. And my event management company has a good team and is easy to work with them. That's helping me a lot and designing and making clothes for the new trend is one of my favorite things to do and all of them have been ways of my income.

(3) Your new project is the Flying Dust festival in Sri Lanka and your first guest will be Emi Galvan from Argentina. Could you tell our readers what we can expect from this event, how the event plans are working on so far, and maybe what we could expect more in the future from your promoting company?

We have planned about 3 more events in Sri Lanka and also have a huge hope to do the biggest underground dance music event in Sri Lanka this year. And also have made plans to make FLYING DUST a record label and hopefully, that will help to take local talents into the international market.

(4) As a promoter, what are the biggest challenges you have met now in this Covid-19 world, and how successful can you deal with them?

Actually, Covid impacted the whole world including the event industry. As an artist and also a promoter I had to face a lot of difficulties since our country was going in a bad situation and a long lockdown. Even after the lockdown, the government did not allow for any kind of public gatherings. Actually now we are going through a good time but wishing and hope this will go well in future too.

(5) Can we expect any new music projects in the coming months, any new releases, events?

There is a collaboration coming out on 22nd February with Hobin Rude. in 3rd Avenue records and also there are two more EPs to be here in the future. Actually, it's hard to find time for new productions with my tough schedule but always will do something new whenever I got free time.

(5) Thank you Enzo for doing this interview with our agency. Now, for the end tell us your 5 favorite tunes right now.

  • Airborne (Original Mix) Guy J

  • Crabo (Original Mix) Emi Galvan

  • Edge (Original Mix) Dmitry Molosh

  • Ahsen (Original Mix) Space Food

  • Passenger (Original Mix) Ezequiel Arias

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