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Hernan Cattaneo & BUENA Productora delivers a resounding Sunsetstrip event in Buenos Aires

On March 3rd, 2023, Hernan Cattaneo hosted his Sunsetstrip event in Buenos Aires, attracting a diverse crowd of all ages to the Ciudad Universitaria campus on the outskirts of the city. Joining to make the event an epic one is BUENA Productora which creatively transformed the campus into a renewed massive summer fair, with a new genre of contemporary art evolving progressive house music bringing the scene to life. The day was a breathtaking experience as the sun and stars aligned under the last warm summer rays, making it an unforgettable event for fans and artists.

Hernan Cattaneo & BUENA Productora 2023
Hernan Cattaneo & BUENA Productora 2023

Hernan Cattaneo has been a DJ for over 30 years with eleven 11 albums to his bosom, thirty 30 singles, and a whopping fifty 50 remixes. Hernan is recognized as the founding father of the underground house scene, and his dedication is top-notch. He's been a warmup DJ with top artists like Paul Oakenfold, John Digweed, and Sasha before gaining stardom. The proceeds ultimately helped him to superstardom in Liverpool and Pacha in Buenos Aires.

BUENA Productora, on the other hand, is an event promoter and management brand based in Mendoza, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Together with Hernan organized the unforgettable event in Ciudad Universitaria, an outskirt of the town. The organization was top-notch; provisions were made for fans to easily access the dance floor with a cashless system allowing VIPs to make swift payments right in the arena.

Hernan Cattaneo Sunset Trip 2023
Hernan Cattaneo Sunset Trip 2023

During the opening hours, Paula OS, who is multi-talented, performed post-rock electronic music and set the tone for the event. Paula is an artist whose innovations and performances have helped her climb the ranks with her emotional and well-curated live performances. She has previously performed with Hernan and is a great addition to the event as she brings a unique approach and keeps the electronic rock genre alive.

Performing next was the Egyptian duo Husa & Zeyada, who recently collaborated with Hernan to release "Love Is Coming Back." Husa & Zeyada resonates so well with the audience while performing the song engulfed in Arabic overtone and exotic tones through organic motifs and draw-out vocals, respectively.

Hernan has constantly described progressive house music as a blending sound that creates an engaging storyline like that of El Maestro, being one of the most recent descriptions for this. Hernan's 6-hour birthday display was a remarkable debut for fans in attendance.

With over 30 years in the art, Hernan swings mode as the progressive selection became uniform with the atmosphere. From 6 PM to midnight, the crowd waits to see the performance exhume from the Hernan, the legendary tastemaker commanding unique sound through Depeche Mode, Bob Moses, Radiohead, Primal Screen, and New Order.


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