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Celebrating Five Years of Big Bells Records: A Journey of House Music

As Big Bells Records marks its milestone of five years in the house music scene, we are thrilled to reflect on our journey and celebrate the incredible community that has grown with us. Over the past five years, we have made 66 different releases and have become a home to talented producers from all corners of the globe. From Argentina to Canada, Germany to the UK, Russia to India, and beyond, our roster includes artists from diverse backgrounds and cultures, united by their passion for electronic dance music.

Our Mission and Community

At Big Bells Records, our mission is to present our artists in the best possible light, showcasing their talent and the hard work they pour into their music. We aim to bring their creativity to true music lovers who appreciate the dedication and artistry behind each track. Our community, or as we fondly call it, our family, consists of true music enthusiasts who support our mission and inspire our producers with their unwavering motivation and respect.

A Special Milestone: Our Top 30 Tracks Compilation

To commemorate this special milestone, we have curated a compilation that reflects the essence of Big Bells Records. This compilation features our top 30 tracks released over the past five years, highlighting the incredible diversity and talent within our label. With contributions from 48 artists, this collection is a testament to the global reach and artistic richness of our label.

[BBR067] VA 5 Years of Big Bells Records [Big Bells Records]
[BBR067] VA 5 Years of Big Bells Records [Big Bells Records]

Artists (alphabetic): Adnan Jakubovic, Aman Anand, Arrakis (GER), Astana, Avigate, Bodai, Chris Sterio, Coss Bocanegra, Da Luka, Downgrooves, Dr Green, EHDU, Enertia-sound, Ernesto Romeo, Flaky, Gastón Calduch, Gate 44, Hernán Torres, Hobin Rude, Ilya Gerus, Ishan (SL), Kaschperle, Kay-D, Kosala B, Lucio Gastaldo, Luzhik, Mari Vaira, Matías Delóngaro, Nikko Mavridis, Nikola Jovanovic, Nishan Lee, Noise Generation, PASINDU, Randle, Ranj Kaler, RML, Rockka, Ruda (SL), STEREO MUNK, Sebas Ramos, Shanil Alox, Souldmade (AR), Stefan Soare, Talal, VegaZ SL, Vishnu LK, Weird Sounding Dude, XIASOU.


Release Date and Availability

We are excited to announce that this compilation will be available on June 28, 2024, in all major digital stores. This release is not just a celebration of our past achievements but also a glimpse into the bright future we envision for Big Bells Records.

As we look back on our journey, we are filled with gratitude for the support and love from our artists, community, and music lovers worldwide. Your passion drives us to continue pushing the boundaries of house music and to keep discovering and nurturing new talent. We invite you to join us in celebrating this milestone by enjoying the compilation and sharing it with fellow music enthusiasts.

Here's to five years of incredible music and many more to come.

Thank you for being a part of the Big Bells Records family.

Stay tuned, keep dancing, and let the music play on!


We love music! Let's work together ❤️

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