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[Interview 01] Alex Nemec "I think music sales are oriented towards DJs, music collectors, while..."

Hello, dear readers and family members of the Big Bells Digital community.

We are starting with a new series of interviews where we will invite producers, DJs, label owners, podcasts creators, and other smiley faces from the music industry to tell us more about themselves, the music they make, play, and music the live. Our first episode is made by producers and labels owner which I follow for many years. What I like about this guy, is his professional and passionate work in the music industry. Following him on social media pages, I saw how much he loves what he does, and how much is this to him important. We are presenting Slovenia producers, DJ, and owner of Mirabilis Records, Mr. Alex Nemec.

His music was released on labels such are Lowbit, Bonzai, Tronic, and many many others. I was very honored to have the chance to make "small talk" with Alex.

1. Hi and welcome Alex to Big Bells Digital. Well, we are sure that our readers would like to know who Alex is. So, Alex could you tell us a few words about yourself, what you do, how long are you in the music industry?

Hi, Adnan & all the Big Bells fans! Let's put it simply - I am a guy who is passionate about electronic music since my teens, but I listen to all kinds of good music from an early age. I used to DJ quite a lot but now since having a family and running my own business, all things related to music are pure passion and fun.

2. We know that you are an active producer, DJ, and also A&R of Mirabilis Records. Could you tell our readers how does your day looks like or maybe one week? What are things that one A&R has to do, to keep his label working and releasing?

Yes, I now produce music together with my friend Nenad under our guise. I own & run Mirabilis Records where I try to release music from my fellow artists and friends and try to give a platform also to new and upcoming producers. Since the market is flooded with releases nowadays and especially in this times with the pandemic, it's not easy to plan releases as there is no major support from the DJs globally, so for now I have decided to slow down releases to 1 per month. Besides my job, I try to find the time and prepare all the promo material from vids, posts, etc to push every release as much as I can.


3. A whole world has changed in the past year and a half since the start of COVID-19. Has COVID-19 influenced your working habits and plans for yourself, and your label?

I'd say it has influenced everybody in every industry. As said before I slowed down our release schedule and also not taking on any new releases till 2022 for now. I am focused on pushing the releases I have already signed to get a decent reach and support and also I focused a bit more on making some Stereolynk music since it's been a lazy few months on that front.

4. Today's world is all about digital and social media. How do you see the future of music in this digital world? Will social media help music to grow and producers to earn more money from their music?

I think those that want to make a living through music will have to invest a lot in the marketing & pr side of things. I think after the pandemic there will be even more competition to get gigs in the clubs and festivals, especially seeing that the lineups are almost the same in every major event.

5. One very simple question. Music streams or music sales? What do you think is better and why?

Both. I think music sales are oriented towards DJs, music collectors when speaking of vinyl or CDs, while streaming is more appealing to today's average listener.

6. Well, thank you Alex for doing this interview for our agency. Now the last question, can you tell us a secret of successful A&R in 3 tips?

Hmm.... don't know if I qualify for the successful A&R title, but here are my tips:

  1. first thing is to be humble and open to new talents

  2. second, you have to make a plan for every release from planning the release date, promo campaign, press coverage, social posts, etc.

  3. last but not least: trust your ears, if you feel the track sign it!

Thank you for having me!

Alexx Nemec DJ
DJ Alex Nemec, founder, and owner of Mirabilis Records

Check more about Alex here: SPOTIFY


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