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Exploring the Musical Odyssey of Talal: A Journey Through 'Nomad' EP with Big Bells Records

Updated: 5 days ago

Big Bells Records unveils a mesmerizing musical journey with Talal's latest EP, "Nomad." Comprising two distinct tracks, this EP showcases the eclectic prowess of London-based producer Talal Hakim, who brings his signature fusion of progressive and melodic breaks house to the forefront. Drawing inspiration from his diverse musical background and global experiences, Talal infuses his productions with a unique blend of emotive melodies, intricate rhythms, and atmospheric textures. His music transcends traditional genre classifications, seamlessly weaving elements of progressive house, melodic techno, and ambient electronica into cohesive sonic narratives. We know Talal for his amazing releases on labels such are Beatfreak, Desert Hearts Black, Future Romance, JOOF, Mango Alley, Renaissance, Spectrum, Sudbeat, UV and others.

For this occasion, we also made an exclusive interview with Talal for our blog session.

(1) Hello Talal! This is your first release on our Big Bells Records and we are very happy to have you on our label. Could you tell more about yourself to our readers? 

I am based in London and have been writing music/releasing on Joris Voorn's Spectrum, Solee's Future Romance, Hernan Cattaneo's Sudbeat, d-formation's Beatfreak, and John 00 Fleming's Joof. There are other items scheduled for this year with Mango Alley, Family Piknik, Booka Shade's Bluefield + more.

(2) We know that last year you were in Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. How was your time in Sarajevo and is there any connection between you, Sarajevo, your EP name "Nomad" and our Big Bells Records? 

I got in touch with Darin Epsilon who kindly mentioned Adnan Jakubovic of Big Bells - so I reached out and that got me in touch with several great people in BiH/Sarajevo ranging from Aco Jugovic, Armin Avdic, Nihad Hodžić, Nermir/Kupid (of Silver Smoke Club, Sarajevo), Emir Kaltak (of Sound Beyond) and more. My 2023 stay in Sarajevo was a bit all over the place, but in 2024 am trying to take the place more slowly. Nomad, I wrote last year after playing the Nomad stage at the French Family Piknik festival.

(3)  We're excited to hear about your upcoming performances in France and London this summer. Can you tell us more about these shows, and what can audiences expect from your performances in these locations?

In June I have a release on Booka Shade's Blaufield label, they used to tour and remix/work with Depeche Mode - just by coincidence I am playing a Depeche Mode-themed event/boat party in London the day after the Blaufield release. For France, I was fortunate to be invited back to Family Piknik to play, I am looking forward to seeing a bunch of friends who will also be playing such as Nihil Young, Abstraal, Good Gorning, Albano + others whose music I've been familiar with but paths hadn't yet crossed previously. I am also in some discussions for some events in Thailand, Hong Kong, Netherlands + some 2 other potentially for North America which are more early stage.


Send us your demo music!

(4)  For the end tell us your Top 3 songs at the moment. 

This is kind of difficult for me because I am so consumed in writing music and pitching demos that the bulk of my time is spent reviewing my own songs - However, with that said I think 2 items going out in June on Mango Alley / Maldesoule + Blaufield are amongst my best works. I must say that Nihil Young's song Paramount (on Nomade) is perhaps I think one of the best-written tracks I can recall in some time.


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