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SANI NIMS, K3SARA, Zy Khan and Rudra SL are making their debut on Big Bells Records with Zetro EP.

SANI NIMS and K3SARA from Sri Lanka are making a debut release on our Big Bells Records this November. Their EP Zetro is released this Friday 04-11-22 on all main digital stores. Sani Nims and K3SARA are from Sri Lanka and in the past few months, they were working together on a few other releases too. This wonderful EP also has two remixes one from Zy Khan and the other from Rudra (SL) who is also a young upcoming producer from Sri Lanka.

It's important to say that this EP only one day after the official release date on Beatport, was in 87th place in the Top 100 Progressive House Releases.


Release name: Zetro EP


Remixes: Zy Khan & RUDRA (SL)

Pre-Order: 28/10/2022

Release date: 04/11/2022

Label: Big Bells Records

Style: Progressive House & Melodic House

Release number 36 with SANI NIMS and K3SARA from Sri Lanka. SANI NIMS is Sri Lankan DJ & music producer active on the music scene for the past nine years. He started his music journey in 2013 at Buba Beach Mt Lavinia in Colombo. His music represents a mixture of special and unique energy which he displays in genres from Melodic Techno, Progressive House, and Deep House. K3SARA aka Navin started his music career in 2020. K3SARA is producing music for labels such are Another Life Music and AH Digital, he is also a resident DJ at the Subcode radio station from the UK.

This EP also includes two fantastic remixes from Rudra SL and Zy Khan from the UK. Rudra SL is releasing music for labels such are RPO Records, AH Digital, and Massive Harmony Records. He is also very active as DJ in his homeland with regular events, and festivals. Zy Khan is a very experienced producer with many years in the music industry. He is also a mastering engineer and resident DJ on Subcode Radio from the UK. He is releasing his music on a label such are SLC-6 Music, Tanzgemeinschaft, Polyptych, and many others.

This EP is a pure progressive house and it shows the real face of talented producers from Sri Lanka. Again, we are very happy to have them on our Big Bells Records.

SANI NIMS will be also our guest DJ on the podcast series Big Bells & Friends this month.

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