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Night of underground music with Adnan Jakubovic and Ena Smajic in Silver & Smoke Club, Sarajevo

In the former Yugoslavia, Sarajevo was a major rock and pop music center. People knew about Sarajevo's pop-rock scene. Popular bands such as Plavi Orkestar and Zabranjeno Pušenje and solo performers such as Zdravko Čolić and Dino Merlin are among their most recognizable exponents.

From neighborhood taverns featuring rock bands to jazz clubs and classical music events, Sarajevo offers a variety of venues for live music. Sarajevo offers something for everyone, whether you want to party all night or unwind with a few drinks after a day of touring.

The city is continually putting on new performances, making it a terrific destination to enjoy music. Sarajevo contains some of the top venues for live music in the city. These locations range from peaceful to raucous.

Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Adnan Jakubovic • Ena Smajic Sarajevo has several excellent clubs, and the best underground club, Silver & Smoke, is usually sold out.

Bands and DJs perform live music in Club Silver and Smoke. Locals and tourists frequent the tavern because each night features a distinct musical genre or theme. Additionally, DJs and other live rock and punk bands frequently perform there.

The club in the city's heart is frequented by both locals and tourists due to its affordable costs and diverse musical selection.

On May 8, 2022, two incredible DJs graced the famous club in Sarajevo for what was arguably one hell of an event.

The club was packed with approximately eighty individuals who were having a terrific time. They were treated to electronic music culture, and the best underground club in Sarajevo erupted.

One of our very own, Dj Adnan, and the enigmatic Dj Ena Smajic were in charge of the decks and they didn’t disappoint.

DJ Adnan Jakubovic is the owner of Big Bells Digital and Big Bells Records. He is an active producer with more than 11 years of experience under his belt. He also had over 80 releases globally from Argentina to New Zealand, boasting over 2500 monthly plays on Spotify.

The duo worked diligently to hone their skills to perfection before giving the attendees the performance of the night. One worth remembering.

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