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Meet Miracles Music Records owner and founder. This is DJ and producer P.R.A.D.A from Ukraine.

Our interview number 4 is here. This is we are presenting a music producer, DJ, music label founder, and owner of Miracles Music Records Mr. P.R.A.D.A. His stage name is Giovanni and he started his music label Miracles Music Records in 2017. This talented guy is very active in Ukraine in his home town Krivoy Rog. He also owns a music studio where music producers can record their music or rent their music equipment. Miracles Music Records include artists like MarYna, The Chmil, Fedotov, Vigil Coma, N-Junior, and others.

(1) Welcome Giovanni and thank you for joining to Big Bells Digital family. Well, for start could you tell our readers a few words about yourself. Who is Giovanni, what does he do, and from where does he come?

Hello, my real name is Ivan, Giovanni is my stage name. The word “P.R.A.D.A” is an abbreviation of the words: Play, Rhythms, Artful, Dancing, Always, and all these words are associated with creativity and movement.

(2) Miracles Music Records and Miracles Studio? Can you tell us more and how people can find more about your record and studio?

I am from Krivoy Rog , Ukraine. My town is industrial and the longest town in Ukraine, its length is 126 km. Now I live and work in Wroclaw, Poland. I am a music producer, I write music in the Techno direction, and also I am a founder of the international label Miracles Music Records. Nowadays, our label has released 37 releases in cooperation with different DJs and labels around the world.

(3) What are your favorite releases you made and any new music projects, releases, gigs?

I cannot single out the best release, because each release is good in its way, in each track of all our releases, the artist's soul, soul emotions, and state are laid. Each release and each collaboration with a musician had its own life story, and music unites people and gives wonderful emotions.

(4) Promotion of music is a really big challenge today. What is the hardest thing for you, where do you see the main problem in promoting your and your label music?

I will answer this question briefly. My opinion is that the world is oversaturated with information now and unfortunately sometimes the quality of the music and the idea do not decide the role, because now everything depends on how much money you have! First of all, we make music for the soul, and our promo advertising goes according to our seasoned brand book.

(5) Who and where do you find your inspiration?

Inspiration comes from when I just think that my track will give people a smile and positive emotions.

(6) For the end tell us your top three favorite tunes at the moment?

For me, it is difficult to name 3 favorite tunes. I can name 3 favorite musicians who always inspire me. They are Richie Hawtin, Schiller and Sade.

P.R.A.D.A links:


Giovanni also made an exclusive one-hour DJ mix for our podcast series Big Bells & Friends. This mix can be streamed on our Soundcloud and Youtube channels.


  1. Manuel - Shift (Original Mix)

  2. Gaboo - The Demon (Original Mix)

  3. Alffie - Only For Us

  4. David Phoenix - Random Patterns (Original Mix)

  5. Anastasis - OCD

  6. Anina Owly Thomas Klipps - Baltic Sea (Original Mix)

  7. Oner Zeynel - The Triangle(Original Mix)

  8. George Thomas - Akrotiri

  9. Giuliano Rodrigues - Forbidden To Drink (Original Mix)

  10. Lampe - Nightwalk (Original Mix)

  11. Breger - Relationships

  12. Lautaro Xavier - Flesh


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Walter Rodriguez
07. Mai 2023

I have heard a lot about this artist. He is a really talented and creative person. By the way, his songs can be played in 20 of the best nightclubs in the world:

Gefällt mir
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