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[INTVW03] Music producer Stefan Soare "The people dance and enjoy something you create for them"

Traveling, making music, and being a DJ is something special, maybe the dream of any Bedroom DJ out there. Well, Stefan Soare is exactly that. He is coming from Romania, but he lived in Berlin and Argentina and now he lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. Stefan likes to say for himself "I am a nomad who left his home to be able to progress in my career."

Stefan Soare is a DJ & Producer from Denmark
Stefan Soare DJ & Producer from Denmark

Stefan Soare, as a producer had released on labels as Natura Viva, Mental Schizophrenia, Evitative Records, Asymmetric Recordings, Votiva Records, and other labels. He was also a resident DJ on CuebaseFM from Germany.

Now, he is living in Copenhagen, Denmark, and fulfilling his dream and ambitions of his life project.

We wish him a lot of luck and a guy like him, with a vision and passion for music, can't be wrong. We are sure he will succeed in his project of life.

Now, take a moment and read an interview we made with Stefan Soare. Also, enjoy his one-hour exclusive DJ mix made for our podcast series Big Bells & Friends.

(1) Hi Stefan. Thank you for joining to Big Bells Digital family, we saw you have a long list of releases and you are in the music world for a long time. So, what can you tell our readers, who is Stefan and how did you get into the world of electronic music?

Hi Big Bells, thanks for having me in this interview. When I was 14 years old I already knew that electronic music is something special for me but never thought it will be so big. I started back in 2010 due to the necessity to express myself and of course, it was a life-changer for me. Since then I've been studying, working hard on my sound and projects, and being like a nomad having to leave my home to be able to progress in my career so it wasn't easy for me. Who is Stefan? I'm an independent artist who wants to spread music across the globe and use it as a tool for multimedia content that has to do with the beauty of nature and what we have to preserve and protect at all costs in this late stage of capitalism. Use my passion and career and do something good for the world. We are part of this new generation and we have to act with ideas and information. This is the project of my life it will take a lot of time, resources, and effort but I'm fully energized and ready for the action.

(2) We read in your biography that you traveled a lot and you were living in different countries and cities. Can you tell us, how was reflected on your music style or mixing style?

It reflected indeed, especially when I was living in Berlin since then my style got stronger inside my mind and I developed my melodic concept threw the years after that, also living up north in darkness and cold had to do a lot also I suppose the last 3 years. What is super annoying is to build up little home studios all the time in new places and learn fast how that room works, sometimes it's not even comfortable but I will settle down soon.

(3) One very simple question. Music production or DJing? What do you like more and why?

I like both equally, can't say one more than the other, because they are different jobs... The most I like is to produce music and after trying it with friends or in a club. The full process of that is simply amazing for me, seeing the people dance and enjoy something you create for them.

DJ & Music producer Stefan Soare from Denmark.
DJ & Music producer Stefan Soare from Denmark.

(4) What can we expect in the upcoming period, maybe some new music projects, releases, gigs?

I am happy with a lot of things I'm about to release with LTU (Like that Underground) my new Ep "Anxiety", Pre-order available from 31/12, it has to do with my old dark-minimal roots, and I'm about to send 12 Demos tracks in different labels, very excited to share to the world my new sound and concept that I've been working on the last 6 months.

As for DJing, I have an upcoming gig on 21/01 in Neuquen, Argentina. We are working together with the Producciones Del Valle crew to build up a mini-tour in the country. My idea now is to spread my music and start with my project of life fully engaged.

(5) We saw you spent a lot of time taking care of your social media profiles. How much time do you spend taking care of all your social media and what are your biggest challenges today in promoting your music?

It's a new world for me the marketing and treating your music as a brand, but I'm slowly catching up... It's very hard and the prices are very high and lot of offers that you don't know who to work with so it's a big challenge. With Social Media, my idea is to try to entertain the people who follow me with Live Streams and New Music but also spread environmental problems and content that I consider valuable.

(6) For the end tell us your top three favorite tunes at the moment?

I have a lot of those but these I think???

1. Dominik Eulberg- Eintagsfliege,

2. Rival Consoles- Persona,

3. Minilogue - In A Loving Place

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