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Interview with SANI NIMS from Sri Lanka talks about his favorite VSTs and plans for future

Big Bells Digital is presenting a new interview we made with our resident producer and DJ SANI NIMS from Sri Lanka. He started his music journey in 2013 at Buba Beach Mt Lavinia in Colombo, and today he is very active as a producer and DJ on the beautiful island of Sri Lanka.

His music represents a mixture of special and unique energy, and he displays in genres from Melodic Techno, Progressive House, and Deep House. Recently, SANI NIMS and his buddy K3SARA released EP called Zetro for our Big Bells Records.

Now, you can read the interview he made for our Big Bells Digital agency.

(1) Welcome Sani Nims. Thank you for joining us for this interview. Could you tell our readers more about yourself, how and where did everything started?

First of all, I thank you for this invitation. I love this house music since my childhood. So that's why I used to go to parties held in Mount Lavinia before finishing school. I think that's where I started my career.

(2) We know Sri Lanka is going through very hard times, but it's also amazing how many good and new events are coming. What is the secret, is it a passion for music and art or it's something else?

Sri Lanka is really a beautiful island so the vibe here is very different and fresh. There are a lot of music lovers here.


Do you also have a story to share with us, our readers, and your fans?

(3) What can we expect in the upcoming period, some new events, maybe projects?

Yes, there are some new projects coming up, but I will share more about them in the upcoming weeks.

(4) Would you share some production secrets with our readers and give some tips for new producers, like your favorite VSTs?

My favorite vst is serum, it can produce great bass sounds. For an equally good production, use loops longer than 4 bars to create beautiful sound patterns.


SANI NIMS was a guest in our podcast series Big Bells & Friends episode 25. His mix you can hear him on our Soundcloud and Youtube channels.


01. Gregor Klamra – Reinbek Rodeo (Original Mix) [Sunexplosion]

02. Undercatt - Space Ride (Original Mix) [Notturna]

03. NAHS - The Time Now (Original Mix) [Balkan Connection South America]

04. Alan Cerra – Lacuna (Original Mix) [Higher States]

05. David Lindmer - Altered State feat. Ela Ira (Extended Mix) [PURIFIED RECORDS]

06. Ziger & Mind Conspiracy - Bitter Sweet (Ruben Karapetyan Remix) [Eat My HaT]

07. Sebastian Haas Monograph- The Tank (Original Mix) [Pillar]

08. OzzyXPM, Christian Monique - H A R P (Gux Jimenez Remix) [Soho Opus]

09. Kamilo Sanclemente - Honest (Original Mix) [Magnitude Recordings]

10. Opposite Ways – Archangel (Original Mix) [Be Free Recordings]

(5) For the end, your current top 3 tracks are…?


We love music! Let's work together ❤️

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