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Interview with DJ Rockka: Debuting in Pakistan and Celebrating Artist of the Year 2023 by Big Bells Digital

We are thrilled to present an exclusive interview with DJ Rockka, a talented artist hailing from Sri Lanka, who has captivated audiences with his progressive house melodies. Rockka, who has had several successful releases on Big Bells Records, is set to make his debut international performance in Pakistan, a long-awaited event that promises to be a memorable experience.

(1) Hello Rockka! You're about to make your debut international DJ event in Pakistan. What excites you the most about performing there, and how do you plan to connect with the Pakistani audience with your progressive house melodies?

I'm thrilled about my debut international DJ event in Pakistan. The most exciting part is finally connecting with a fanbase that's been growing steadily over the years. Sharing my new music with you all is a dream come true. I plan to create an immersive experience that resonates with the energy of the Pakistani audience.

(2) Congratulations on being named Artist of the Year 2023 by Big Bells Digital / Records! Can you share with us how this recognition has impacted your career and what it means to you personally and professionally?

Thank you! Being named Artist of the Year 2023 by Big Bells Digital was a huge honor. It boosted my career, opening up new opportunities and recognition within the industry.

(3) You've had an incredibly active year with several fantastic releases. Can you walk us through your creative process and how you manage to stay innovative and inspired while still being active as DJ?

My creative process involves creating tracks as concepts, allowing me to experiment with new elements based on the vibe. I play my own music in my sets, so I constantly need to produce new tracks. This keeps me innovative and inspired while staying active as a DJ.

(4) For the end tell us your Top 3 songs at the moment. 

1. Kyotto - I ( Original Mix )

2. Maze 28, Rockka - Mirage ( Juan Ibanez Remix )

3. Andre Moret , Gorkiz - The Hollow ( Original Mix )


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