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A Year of Triumph for Big Bells Records – Artist of The Year, Best New Artist, Best DJ Mix, and Best EP of 2023

As the sun set on the final days of 2023, the team at Big Bells Records couldn't help but reflect on the incredible journey they had experienced over the past twelve months. It had been a year of triumphs, creativity, and global collaboration that exceeded all expectations.

With an ambitious goal of 16 releases, the team scoured the globe for fresh talent. Producers from Canada, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Malta, Germany, and more joined the Big Bells family, each bringing a unique flavor to the label's sonic palette. The releases ranged from classic Progressive House to energetic Melodic Techno, showcasing the label's commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing musical diversity.

But Big Bells didn't stop there! Recognizing the power of storytelling through music, our podcast series Big Bells & Friends became a sensation in the electronic music community. Over the year 2023, 14 guest mixes from talents hailing from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Germany, Hungary, and beyond graced the airwaves. Each episode was a sonic journey, weaving together the threads of different passions, talents, and musical influences.

With all these wonderful achievements this year, we selected the Artist of The Year, Best New Artist, Best DJ Mix, and Best EP of 2023.

In the heart of the vibrant music scene in Sri Lanka, a talented artist named Rockka emerged as a rising star, captivating audiences with his mesmerizing Progressive House sound. His musical journey reached new heights in 2023 when he released his highly anticipated EP, "Sole Survivor," under our Big Bells Records. Rockka, with his real name Lakith Adikaram, had always been drawn to the immersive and evolving nature of Progressive House.

Rockka is releasing music for labels such are Mango Alley, Sound Avenue, Juicebox MusicOne of A Kind, La Foresta, and of course our Big Bells RecordsRecognizing Rockka's exceptional talent and the impact of "Sole Survivor" EP, Big Bells Records proudly named him their Artist of the Year 2023.

In the dynamic realm of electronic music, the year 2023 witnessed the meteoric rise of a talent that left an indelible mark on the scene. Gastón Calduch, a promising artist hailing from Argentina, emerged as the Best New Artist of the Year 2023, thanks to his groundbreaking debut EP, "Deep Dutch," released under the esteemed banner of Big Bells Records.

In the year 2020, when the world was gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the nightlife scene seemed to be fading into darkness he kicked his DJ career. He had always been captivated by the mystical allure of electronic music, especially the enchanting fusion of deep house, organic house, and progressive house. Currently, he has the privilege of being a resident DJ at Inusual Music, a progressive house music series from Argentina. He had the opportunity to perform on numerous occasions at iconic venues such as Bahrein, La Biblioteca, and Tera, as well as taking part in private parties.

Gastón Calduch's story serves as an inspiring narrative for aspiring artists, showcasing the transformative power of passion, dedication, and the right platform. As we celebrate the Best New Artist of 2023, we also look forward to the boundless creativity and innovation that Gastón is sure to bring to the electronic music scene in the years to come.



This year we had 14 different guest mixes in our podcast series Big Bells & Friends and without exaggeration they all were huge, but we had to select the one that was a small slice better than the others. It was a guest mix from D.H.U.B, a talented DJ hailing from the vibrant music scene of Canada. His mastery of Progressive House earned the title of Big Bells Digital's DJ Mix of The Year 2023.

His deep-rooted passion for Progressive House has propelled him to the forefront of the genre, where he consistently delivers mixes that seamlessly blend melodic intricacy with pulsating beats.

For 2023, one EP rose above the rest, earning the esteemed title of Big Bells Records' Best EP: "Emotional" by the talented producer from Malta, Randle.

Released in July 2023, "Emotional" immediately captured the attention of listeners with its intricate melodies, pulsating beats, and a sonic landscape that transcended the boundaries of genres. The EP, consisting of carefully crafted original tracks, showcased Randle's melodic mastery.

What further elevated the EP's brilliance were the two exceptional remixes contributed by equally talented artists, Shanil Alox and Matías Delóngaro. Their reinterpretations added new dimensions to Randle's original compositions, demonstrating the collaborative spirit that defines the electronic music community.

Big Bells Records, known for its commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic music, proudly celebrated "Emotional" as the Best EP of 2023. The label recognized Randle not only for his exceptional production skills but also for his ability to create an immersive listening experience that resonated with a global audience.


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