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DJ Ruby & Adnan Jakubovic perform together at Silver & Smoke Club Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

It was a beautiful moment on the 7th of January, 2023, at the Silver & Smoke Club, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, as DJ Ruby and Adnan Jakubovic of Big Bells Records & Digital performed an Epic night of Progressive House event.

The Silver & Smoke Club event was a sold-out event and the fans craved seeing DJ Ruby as he debuted in Bosnia & Herzegovina for the first time with Adnan.

DJ Ruby and Adnan Jakubovic in Silver & Smoke Club, Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina
DJ Ruby and Adnan Jakubovic in Silver & Smoke Club, Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina

The event started at exactly 23:00, with Adnan supporting DJ Ruby with the warm-up set, doing what he knows best fantastically and resoundingly. Adnan played some of the best and preferred music styles fans had always danced to. From Melodic House to Organic House and Progressive House music, as the fans dance to the rhymes.

Adnan of Big Bells Records & Digital played two of his record label recordings from Arrakis (GER) and our upcoming releases from an outstanding music producer, Astana. The fans were all wowed by Adnan's performance as they all felt the presence of Deep House, Organic House, and Melodic House music. Adnan handled the warm-up duty until 02:00 before handing it over to DJ Ruby for more action.

DJ Adnan Jakubovic in Silver & Smoke Club, Sarajevo
DJ Adnan Jakubovic in Silver & Smoke Club, Sarajevo

With DJ Ruby making his debut in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina took over from Adnan and performed until 06:30, creating an epic event that lasted 7 hours 30 minutes in Sarajevo, Bosnia, Herzegovina. The fans loved every moment; the track played and stayed until DJ Ruby played his last collection for the event.

DJ Ruby is well known for his outstanding performance on progressive, organic, and deep house music styles; he displayed a heartbreaking performance that the fan couldn't resist and stayed until he played the last song for the event. Being the most prolific underground artist and DJ in Malta, featuring some of the world's best artists and DJs, unleashed a footprint that will never be forgotten any time soon in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

With over thirty (30) years to his bosom as a music artist and DJ, he knows what the fans want and judiciously gives it to them in a resounding way. The fans never wanted the event to come to an end as they earnestly danced to the tracks he played for the night. After the stunning night performance at this epic event, DJ Ruby is heading to his Australia tour in a few days.

As DJ Ruby heads to Australia for his tour, Big Bells Records & Digital is set for its New Big Bells showcase starting in July 2023, an experience that will make Big Bells a top brand in the industry. The duo artists are looking forward to another collaboration in the coming days, and we know you don't want to miss such an event.

If you want DJ Ruby to be in your city, kindly reach out to us, or comment below, and we will be happy to connect you. Remember, music is our pattern and way of life and making good music and collection start with an artist and DJ that knows and understand the industry.

We at Big Bells Records & Digital are ready to produce, promote and get your music into the top music channels and sites. Kindly book a consultation with us.


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