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DJ and producer Kazko from Sri Lanka with a new release for Big Bells Records

Big Bells Records welcomes another talented producer from Sri Lanka. Release number 21 is made by our new family member KazKo. Kazko has his journey as a music producer started in 2020 and he likes to say for himself that he is a music traveler, who loves to express his feeling through music and his mixing skills.

Artist: Kazko

Release name: Dawn EP

Pre-Order: 13/08/2021

Release date: 20/08/2021

Label: Big Bells Records

Style: Progressive House / Melodic House / Deep House

Kazko up to know had released for Another Life Music, Moovee Music, Lemon Juice Records, and Bosom. Thank you KazKo for delivering us two sweet melodic and summer deep house tunes.


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