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An Interview with DJ and Producer Astana from Stuttgart on His Journey, Musical Evolution, and Exciting Plans for 2024

We're excited to share our latest interview with the talented DJ and music producer, Astana, whose journey with Big Bells Records began just over a year ago. Since his first release on our label, Astana has been captivating audiences with her evolving sound and dynamic performances. In this interview, he gives us a glimpse into his plans for 2024, his current musical passions, and how he balances his creative endeavors with his entrepreneurial pursuits.

(1) Hello Astana. It is more than one year since your first-ever release and EP on our Big Bells Records. Can you share with us your plans for 2024? Are there any upcoming events or residencies that you're particularly looking forward to this year?

It's thrilling to reflect on the journey since my first release with Big Bells Records. For 2024, I'm looking forward to playing at several exciting venues and events. You can catch me performing on various terraces, whether it's in the Stuttgart area or Sarajevo. In May, I'll be joining the Panopticum team at Fridaspier, which promises to be a standout event. Additionally, I'll be making a few appearances at Silver and Smoke in Sarajevo, set to happen 2-3 times throughout the year. These opportunities to connect with audiences in such vibrant settings are what I'm particularly excited about this year.

(2)   We know your style of mixing is changing and evolving. We'd love to know what style of music you're most passionate about at the moment. Has your musical taste evolved recently?

My musical style is indeed evolving, and recently, I've developed a keen interest in AfroHouse. This genre has captivated me with its vibrant rhythms and cultural depth. However, I continue to explore and integrate elements of Electronica, Indie Dance, and Organic House into my sets, maintaining my unique musical pathway. While Techhouse remains prevalent in regions like Stuttgart and is a genre I deeply enjoy, it isn't my primary focus at the moment. This blend of styles not only defines my musical identity but also allows me to connect uniquely with diverse audiences.

(3) You're not only a talented DJ and music producer but also a business owner of an e-commerce platform. How do you balance your time between your entrepreneurial pursuits and your creative endeavors in the music industry?

Balancing my role as a DJ/producer and an entrepreneur requires meticulous time management and prioritization. I've found that setting clear boundaries and dedicated time blocks for each role helps maintain this balance. Moreover, I rely heavily on a capable team that supports both my business and creative endeavors, which allows me to stay focused and productive in both areas.

(4) For the end tell us your Top 3 songs at the moment. 

Rajot - Nightmare [Garden of Dreams Records]

Jho Roscioli - Supermodel Thick [ThisIsCUFF]

Renato Cohen - Sauna [Kling Klong Records]

Big Bells Digital, based in Stuttgart, is not just a record label but a comprehensive music agency and promotion service dedicated to nurturing and showcasing exceptional talent. We take pride in supporting artists and DJs, who push the boundaries of their craft and bring fresh, exciting sounds to the music scene.


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