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Beats from the Heart of Sarajevo: The Matinee founder Coem his debut at Climax & Romantica Clubs

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Coem, a visionary DJ and the founder of the renowned Matinee event series in Sarajevo is changing the game in Bosnia and Herzegovina's music scene. With an uncanny ability to fuse diverse musical genres, Coem's sets are an electrifying journey through sound. His passion for music led him to create Martinee, a series of events that have become a top event series in Sarajevo, drawing music enthusiasts from locals to international visitors. With Coem, Alain and 2odd, Martinee has become synonymous with unforgettable nights of music, dance, and memories in the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo.

(1) Hi Coem. Thank you for joining our Big Bells Digital interview sessions. We know you are a DJ and very active music promoter in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina maybe you can share your journey into the world of music and how you got started as a DJ and music promoter?

Hello. Thank you for inviting me for this interview. My love for music started at a young age when I played the guitar in music school. However, as the years went by, with exploration on the internet and going to parties, my musical taste evolved in a completely different direction. It began as a hobby where I collected music, exploring global artists and labels, and it just naturally led to the point where I had to share all that collected music with others. After some time of playing music at private gatherings, I got an opportunity at the Silver&Smoke club, and that's when my professional DJ career began.

(2) Sarajevo has a vibrant music scene and your Martinee event series is something that makes these vibrations special. Could you tell us how Martinee started and which are your most memorable events that made till now?

The modern electronic music scene in Sarajevo is relatively young, so a few years ago, we didn't have as many options for playing and attending electronic music events. When Alain, 2odd, and I decided to start Sarajevo Matinee in 2020, it coincided with the lockdown. However, that didn't deter us, and as soon as the initial epidemiological measures were eased, we began organizing parties for 100 people. Now, in its fourth year, Matinee has become a symbol of great entertainment in Sarajevo.

Matinee Team, Sarajevo
Matinee Team, Sarajevo

(3) It's not uncommon for DJs to dream of playing in international venues. Can you tell our readers where and when are you playing in Stuttgart?

I'm glad that international promoters have become interested in our music. Alain and I will be performing on September 15th at Climax Institutes and on September 17th at Romantica Club in Stuttgart. We're very excited about these gigs and invite you to experience the Sarajevo underground sound.

(4) Summer is almost over, which means open-air events will be gone (at least some of them). Anyway, we guess that you prepared something for fall and winter. Any upcoming events, or projects?

We've had a hell of a summer behind us, but it's not over yet. We're preparing one, maybe two more events (if weather conditions permit) to close out the summer season. Considering that Sarajevo is surrounded by Olympic mountains, we have the opportunity to shift towards open-air parties even in the winter season.

(5) For the end, your current top 3 tracks are…?

I invite you to come to the gigs and hear it haha.


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