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Meet DJ Adnoir, founder of Legato events and resident DJ at Trezor Club in Sarajevo, BA

The growing music culture in Sarajevo in past years has created great DJs, promoters, and also well-established clubs, such are Silver & Smoke and Trezor. A few months before we spoke about our event is Silver & Smoke Club and now we have a chance to present a new upcoming DJ from Sarajevo and resident DJ of Trezor Club. Adnoir is the first lady in Sarajevo's Techno scene.

DJ Adnoir in Trezor clubb, Sarajevo
DJ Adnoir in Trezor clubb, Sarajevo

(1) Hi Adnoir. Thank you for joining us for this interview. Could you tell our readers more about yourself? How did you get a passion for Techno Music, how did everything started?

Hi Big Bells and thank you for having me. I am an economist, DJ, upcoming producer, and founder of Legato event concept based in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. Since late 2019, I started mixing right after I signed up for classes at the Modular DJ school, led by A Skitzo. In 2021, I won 5th place in the finals of the Let’s Mix It competition, which is a regional DJ competition held in Belgrade, Serbia. I developed a more serious interest in electronic music, techno particularly, after attending gigs in underground clubs and electronic music festivals. In techno music, I discovered dynamic vibes and deep dark emotions to which I got connected instantly and naturally. This interest in techno music eventually started growing even more which easily became my driving force towards self-expression through skillful mixing as well as music production which I have in my mind as a next step in the coming period.

Adnoir in Trezor Club, Sarajevo
Adnoir in Trezor Club, Sarajevo

(2) We saw you are a resident at Trezor Club in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. Could you tell us more about the club, about Sarajevo and the music scene now there?

Right now, I am a resident DJ at Trezor which is a serious accomplishment for me as I can gain valuable experience from frequent gigs. Trezor is one of two electronic music clubs in Sarajevo, where mainly techno is played by local as well as international DJs. It has a true underground vibe which interior reminds me of an atomic shelter. Thanks to Edib D, club manager and DJ with over 20 years of experience, the club is continuously supporting the underground electronic music scene in Sarajevo and promoting many local DJs. In general, the electronic music scene in Sarajevo is strongly developing lately, especially after COVID-19 restrictions have started relaxing. Many music enthusiasts, DJs and promoters along with club managers have been organizing events and some big DJ names have been hosted. It is also important to mention the Garden of Dreams festival as the only electronic music festival in Sarajevo which is pushing our scene to a much higher level. There are also a few examples of modest institutional support provided to certain event promoters which is great, but it needs to address the local scene as a whole if we want to have a solid electronic music scene and real progress.

(3) What can we expect in the upcoming period, some new events, maybe projects?

As I already mentioned, I am planning to dedicate myself to music production which is a long-term process. Meanwhile, I have some confirmed dates for gigs in Serbia and Croatia by the end of the year. Apart from regular gigs, there are two interesting events coming up in October at Trezor. I am going to play at the gig with François X and Nihad Tule, an event organized by Decibel, and I am organizing my own Legato gig presenting DJ Ogi.

Adnoir in Trezor Club, Sarajevo
Adnoir in Trezor Club, Sarajevo

(4) Keeping workflow is important in any aspect of business, also in music too. How do you keep yourself active, and productive and what is the most challenging for you when you make your event and when you promote them ?

My professional approach to music and DJing is something I would particularly like to highlight. As much as I am trying to keep workflow at my regular job, I am doing the same for music – I see it as a real job and am acting as a professional. It takes a lot of time and energy, but I am happy to do it because I am feeling alive while mixing. I need to be really good self-organized, disciplined and have my own time dedicated exclusively to music and I just stick to this system I have developed for myself. Organizing my own gigs through the recently started Legato event concept is something I do parallel to DJ-ing. At the moment, all gigs are organized at Trezor where I have full support provided by club management. This is a completely new project for me which is very demanding and risky but also brings an added value. The most challenging part of organizing an event is to find the right balance between music and business in order to attract people to attend the event. When it comes to music, I always make proper research on the scene and invite DJs whose work I respect and believe has the quality to offer to the audience. From a business point of view, it takes a good sound system, engaging in digital marketing, making potential collaborations and getting sponsorships which require a lot of work.

(5) For the end, your current top 3 tracks are…?

1. David Löhlein - Bad Bitch

2. Contact Noise Crew – Diesel

3. Henry Cullen & DJ Geraldine - Sync (B1)




Photos by: Adnan Lingo


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