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Big Bells Digital House Music Showcase with DJ Flaky and Adnan Jakubovic at Leons The Food Club.

Another exciting moment was on the 9th of September 2022, Big Bells Digital & Record label performed summer house music at Leon the Food club with DJ Flaky. At Leon the Food Club, Adnan of Big Bells Digital & Record relinquished his musical art to the audience while giving DJ Flaky time to exhume his disc jockey tricks to the audience as they danced to the melodic tone.

Deep House Music Night at Leons Food Club, Böblingen
Deep House Music Night at Leons Food Club, Böblingen

Big Bells Digital had earlier performed at Leon the Food Club on the 25th of June this year in the event that made everyone want more and birthed another hosting. Adnan, a multitalented DJ, started handling the mixer at exactly 20:00 and saw the attendees dancing to the music's melodic tone, leading to a massive turn-up of fans at the club that night.

The record label is known for its progressive, organic, and deep house music. The brand is open to hosting and collaborating with DJs worldwide so long as it engages and attracts audiences from far and near. Joining Adnan of Big Bells Digital & Records that night is DJ Flaky, an award-winning DJ with several releases.

DJ Flaky at Leons Food Club in Böblingen, Germany
DJ Flaky at Leons Food Club in Böblingen, Germany

DJ Flaky of Big Bells Records started with the Monolink song, Father Ocean the Ben Böhmer remix. The song speaks on the needs and desires of the young seeking to hear and be taken back to their initial starts with the fathers of Oceans. It reminisces on the fans, who danced to the song's lyrics until midnight.

DJ Flaky was the co-DJ with Adnan of Big Bells Digital & Records, whose real name is Markus Klabunde. DJ Flaky lives in Mühlhausen/Ehingen, Germany, and has debuted in several shows in Germany and Switzerland. DJ Flaky has been passionate about deep house and electronic music for more than 20 years and has attended the Goa Trance event in Switzerland and Germany.

DJ Flaky & Adnan Jakubovic at Leons Food Club, Böblingen
DJ Flaky & Adnan Jakubovic at Leons Food Club, Böblingen

DJ Flaky took over the mixer as Adnan took a short break to see what the DJ had for the audience. DJ Flaky wowed the audience and delivered more than expected until the event ended. The audience begged for more, and in the future, another show might be held there, ensuring the fans' desires are fulfilled.

Big Bells Digital & Records label hopes to see more of these events in the future as the brand expands its reach to other regions. If you love deep house, progressive and electronic music, subscribe to all our channels: Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, Tik Tok pages, and blog.

If you want us to promote your music, kindly send a message via any of our social media channels or drop it in the comment section, and we'll gladly respond to you within 24 hours. Thanks so much for reading, and please don't forget to read about Leons the Food Club.


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