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Big Bells Digital & Adnan Jakubovic perform Summer House Music at Leons The Food Club

Big Bells Digital and DJ Adnan Jakubovic perform summer house music at Leons the Food club in Böblingen, which created a memory that cannot be forgotten anytime soon. Adnan Jakubovic, a music producer and DJ, single-handly handled the mixer that brought everyone into a delightful and felicitous mode. The summer house music began at 20:30 and saw Adnan relinquish his art of performance to the audience until midnight. Here's what you need to know about the party.

The Party at Leons the Food Club

On the 25th of June 2022, Adnan began his performance at exactly 20:30 with songs from Lucio Gastaldo and Austin Leeds. Lucio Gastaldo's Blue Wizard kicked in, and the fans danced to the song's tone. Blue Wizard by Lucio Gastaldo is a premiere song that every music lover dances to as soon it is played in any event. Whether you're passing by or sitting down in an event where the blue wizard is played, you must move your body to sync to the song's tone from Gastaldo.

With Adnan, our prolific DJ, the mixer answers to its name as he's a master in the art; he organized his tracks that took the audience nonstop from 20:30 until midnight. Music from Austin Leeds followed performing Impasto with Paul Nolan’s remix. Everyone at Leons the Food club was soaked with the performance from Adnan and never wanted an end to the event that ran more than 4 hours. Without Leons the Food club, these wouldn't be possible; want to know more about them? Read on.

DJ Adnan Jakubovic at Leons The Food Club in Böblingen
DJ Adnan Jakubovic at Leons The Food Club in Böblingen

Leons The Food Club

Leons the Food club is a bar known for burgers and cocktails. It derives its sensation from the tropical vibe positioning it for hangout and event hosting. Activities like weddings, get together, company parties, and birthday celebrations are ideal activities for Leons the Food club.

Adnan, with his Disc Jockey mixer, was able to entertain the audience in a manner that made every one of them dance to the sensation produced by the music, and the vibe that filled the atmosphere curated insight into Leons the Food club memories of similar events.

Leons the Food club has provisions for all personalities ranging from low cost to luxurious packages for any event. The bar is entertaining and welcomes you with lots of mouth-watering packages. The hospitality is topnotch and delivers on-demand your choice orders with no extra cost other than what you see on the menu.

The bar is open to host Adnan and any other artist or DJ in the music industry in the future to perform both locally and international songs like summer house or underground night music and deep house to the audience and customers. Guests, friends, and all the fans present at the event requested more and wanted to know more about Adnan, Big Bells Digital, and records labels. So, here's an opportunity for you to learn.

Adnan Jakubovic with his big Bells Digital at Leons The Food Club, Böblingen
Adnan Jakubovic with his big Bells Digital at Leons The Food Club, Böblingen

Big Bells Digitals and Records Labels

Big Bells Digitals and Big Bells Records are brands owned and managed by Adnan Jakubovic. A sensational music producer and DJ spanning for more than a decade with a Podcast series on Proton Radio from San Francisco. Adnan's debut as DJ was in 2006; since then, he has been active worldwide with his music.

With Adnan at the helm of affairs at Big Bells Records, he's partnered with other music producers like Nicholas Van Orton, Mahmut Orhan, Loquai, Jelly For The Babies, and Aman Anand. Adnan didn't stop there; he's also worked with music labels like Bulkan Connection, Bonzai Music, and DAR Digital, to mention a few.

Adnan is known for his Progressive House music, Deep & Melodic House, and Organic House. He currently lives and works in Stuttgart, Germany, where his music career is well recognized. Should you need a DJ or a producer for your song, event, or any kind, Adnan can be reached with just a click on your phone or pc.

Our next event is on 09. September 2022.

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Deep House Music Night with Flaky & Adnan Jakubovic in Böblingen
Deep House Music Night with Flaky & Adnan Jakubovic in Böblingen

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