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A talented Mattia Rossi making his debut on Finish Team Records with his song Besame La Boca

A week ago in our email inbox landed one fantastic new Tech House release from Finish Team Records. Finish Team Records is a very respected label with over 12 years in the music industry. Active mostly in releasing digital music, Finish Team Records also offers limited editions of good old vinyl music. In the past 12 years, this label was home to producers such are Felipe Michelin, Andrea Rubolini, Le Roi Carmona, Manu P, and a lot of others. In recent years Finish Team Records has established a fruitful collaboration with The Cage, a brand that organizes events in Italy, which has enjoyed various successes throughout Europe and also recently Amsterdam Dance Event Showcase.

Finish Team Records is releasing music from House to Techno and you can send them your demos at

Mattia Rossi makes his debut on Finish Team Records with his new single 'Besame La Boca'.

Thanks to many years of activity in the center of Italy's scene, the young producer delivers his track for The Cage Contest in 2022, a competition that caught the attention of hundreds of Italian producers.

Mattia, one of the finalists of this contest, combines a fresh and renowned Latin vocal and minimal textures originally. The final touches are hypnotic synths and bubbles that add emphasis to organic drums. If you are looking for a hot mid-time track, 'Besame La Boca' may be the right solution.

Mattia Rossi  with his song Besame La Boca for Finish Team Records
Mattia Rossi with his song Besame La Boca for Finish Team Records

Mattia Rossi was born in Perugia, Italy, on November 13th, 1999. He has started djing and producing since he was fourteen. Thanks to his ambition, he played for the best clubs in the center of Italy. It didn’t take a long time since his music was released by big labels. During the covid-19 his determination led him to focus on music in a long period of isolation and he won two remix competitions. The first track was released on Under No Illusion, the renowned label of Ki Chreighton, and the second one by Leonardo Gonnelli, a famous Italian DJ / Producer. But, this is just the beginning because, from this point on he released more music on labels like Happy Techno, UD, Sintoniza Records, Pogo House Records, Hang On Music, Huambo Records, Dope & Dense, and Street Groove.

Teamed up with DJ Beens, awards are not lacking because they released their track “Baby” on Nervous Records, the label that grew up with House Music. Recently Mattia became the A&R of Finish Team Records Young, the sub-label of Finish Team Records, one of the most important in Italy.


Finish Team Records links: Website Facebook Page


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