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Italian producer duo Federico Rosa and Manu P present a new single Ice Baby on The Cage Music

Big Bells Digital presents a new upcoming Tech House EP from Italian duo producers Federico Rosa and Manu P on The Cage Music music label. This collaboration comes from afar, from 10 years of club and nightlife. Now was the right time to bring that tech house rhythm that characterizes the brand.

Manu P is the founder of The Cage Music label and Finish Team Records

Manu P began his career when he was still a minor, starting to tread the consoles of private parties or small parties in clubs. Over the years, he became a resident of the clubs in his region, reaching important consoles in 2009 such as that of Cocoricò in Riccione.

Since 2010 he has been the label Owner of the Finish Team Records label, a multifaceted label where he releases songs of any genre, without having a specific focus and limiting himself. This is what characterizes the soul of THE CAGE party too. This guy has a long list of quality underground tunes and huge experience as a DJ.

Federico Rosa is the resident DJ on The Cage event series

Federico Rosa, an Italian DJ and music producer, was born in Fabriano (AN) in a small town in the Marche region. At the age of 16 he became passionate about djing and after years of practice, evenings and musical research in January 2020 he debuted his first single "Soul Party" in the music industry.

Right from the start, it is supported by many renowned and emerging artists from different parts of the world such as Showtek, Brooks, Michael Calfan, Will Spark, Axwell, Lexlay, Angelo Ferreri, Deeper Purpose and many more. In August 2020 after several singles, with his EP "Love Is Strong" ranked 7th in the top 100 tech-house of Traxsource. Always with his EP he also enters the ranking of the Californian magazine Magnetic Magazine, ranking three of the best 15 best tracks of the month.

With his latest single "My Way" he was ranked 69th in another download site's top 100 tech-house, supported by Joel Corry and international radio.

Tech House music in Italy

Tech house is a genre of electronic dance music that combines elements of techno and house music. It features a 4/4 beat with a strong emphasis on bass and drums and often incorporates groovy and percussive elements. Tech house often uses samples and sound effects from various sources, including industrial and mechanical noises.

Tech house is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in the UK and has become increasingly popular in Italy in recent years. This can be attributed to several factors such as the strong club culture in Italy, the influence of techno and house music from the 90s, and the growth of electronic dance music festivals.

Italian DJ's and producers have also played a crucial role in the popularity of tech house, bringing their own unique spin to the genre and establishing it as a staple in Italian dance music culture. Additionally, the high energy and driving beats of tech house music resonate with Italian audiences. Its popularity continues to grow as more and more people discover the genre and its sounds.


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