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  • Writer's pictureAdnan Jakubovic

Big Bells Podcast episode 100. Exclusive 6 hours of underground house music on Proton Radio.

WAO! We can't believe it's been 8 years since we started our Big Bells Podcast. It was at the start only an idea and idea from our friend DJ and producer Greg Tomaz from India to join on Tenzi.FM radio with one hour mix every month, and today we have episode number 100.

The podcast host is our boss Adnan Jakubovic and over the past years, he has dedicated himself to creating monthly one episode. Big Bells Podcast was played on many different radios around the world from Argentina to India. We can't remember all radios where our show was hosted by here is the name of just a few Frisky Radio (USA), DNA Radio (Argentina), SoundTrip Radio (Greece), Vesta Radio (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and today is resident podcast show on Proton Radio (USA).

In the past 8 years, we played mostly underground house music from many different radios and producers and almost 90% of songs we used in our podcast are promos we got from labels and producers. We always tried to deliver the best underground house music and the most recent songs, not released or songs that will be soon released. Since 2020 our podcast is resident on Proton Radio from San Francisco, where also our digital music label Big Bells Records is.

For our special episode number 100, we invited our old and new friends DJs and producers. Those people were always with us in past years and we are thankful for their support, passion, love, and energy for music. This special Big Bells Anniversary Podcast includes 5 guest mixes and one mix from our creator Adnan Jakubovic.

This anniversary has DJ mixes from Adnan Jakubovic (Germany / Bosnia), Bodai (Argentina), Weird Sounding Dude (India), Greg Tomaz (India), SKYMAN1882 (UK), Nightnews (Russia). The show was aired on Proton Radio on 30th November 2021 and now we have all mixes uploaded on our Soundcloud profile with tracklists and downloads enable.


01. Adnan Jakubovic (Germany / Bosnia & Herzegovina)

01. Mark Alow - White Tusk (Original) [Sol Selectas]

02. Anton Borin & Montw - Phantom [Mango Alley]

03. Forty Cats & Mango - Symbols [Juicebox Music]

04. Ilya Gerus - Mumbai (Weird Sounding Dude Remix) [Big Bells Records]

05. Doki - Luminus (Cedren & Manu-l Remix) [AH Digital]

06. Dexter Curtin, Marcus Jahn - Little Rocket [Another Life Music]

07. Shanil Alox - Darkness Within [Big Bells Records]

08. East Cafe - Battery Is High (Kyotto Remix) [Consapevole Recordings]

09. Agustin Pietrocola - Voices in My Head [Another Life Music]

10. Martin Cozar, Rod Notario - Night Before (NOIYSE PROJECT Remix) [Balkan Connection]

02. BODAI (Argentina)

01. Escobaro - Underground [Boke