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Avanturija 2023: Unraveling the Electrifying Vibes of Serbia's Premier Electronic Music Festival!

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Progresivna Suza returns to Turija this year to organize the second edition of the progressive house festival called Avanturija 2023, which will be held on August 18th and 19th, at the well-known and beautiful location, Salaš na tri vode.

Avanturija 2023 Festival full line up
Avanturija 2023 Festival full line up

With a reputation for curating electrifying lineups and crafting immersive experiences, Progresivna Suza is set to transform this wonderful location of Salaš na Tri Vode into an epicenter of pulsating beats and euphoric melodies. Prepare to be swept away by an enchanting fusion of music, nature and breathtaking landscapes. Imagine dancing to the rhythmic beats of electronic music, your feet sinking into the soft grass, as the gentle breeze carries melodies through the air.

As in previous years, during the gathering in Turija, one of the goals of the event was to collect funds for humanitarian purposes. This time it will be organized as well, in cooperation with the Podrži život (Support Life) Foundation.

The lineup that will complete the program this year, consists of some of the big names of the electronic scene, who will perform in Serbia for the first time. On Friday, August 18th, an unforgettable musical journey awaits you, for which, the following artists will be in charge: Roger Martinez, Missus, Bokee, and Hobin Rude.

During the second night of the festival, on August 19th, the crowd will have the opportunity to enjoy great performances and an unmistakable selection of music by the following artists: Stereo Underground (live), Nohan, Emotional Tourist and Igor D.

Join the team and be part of this adventure that offers you a unique experience, obtained by a fusion of great energy, nature, music, socializing and various other activities.

Tickets for the festival are on sale through the Cooltix online platform.

If you are in the mood for a real outdoor experience of the festival, you can camp in the Avanturija camp, which has a capacity for 80 tents within its space. You can also find some of the accommodation capacities on Booking Turija and for private accommodation options, you can contact Progresivna Suza on their Facebook or Instagram page.

Follow the Progresivna Suza Facebook page and the official Avanturija 2023 event for more information.


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