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Big Bells Digital Announces New Partnership with Subcode Radio for Big Bells & Friends Podcast Series

We are thrilled to announce that Big Bells Digital and our DJ music mix podcast series,

Big Bells & Friends have joined forces with the UK-based Subcode Radio! Starting this month, our popular podcast series will be broadcast on Subcode Radio every second Tuesday of the month.

Hosted by the dynamic DJ duo Theez Germans, each episode will feature an exclusive resident mix from Thees Germans, as well as an exciting guest mix from a special artist. This partnership marks a new chapter for Big Bells & Friends, bringing our eclectic mixes and vibrant beats to a wider audience.

Theez Germans Logo
Theez Germans are new resident DJs on Big Bells Digital & Subcode Radio

After the broadcast, you can catch the mix on several major platforms including Hearthis, Amazon Podcast, Apple Podcast, Deezer Podcast, Soundcloud, and YouTube. Whether you’re tuning in live on Subcode Radio or catching up later on your favorite platform, you won’t miss a beat of our innovative and energizing mixes.

The 1st hour is mixed and compiled by your new hosts Theez Germans.

The 2nd is for our guest DJs.

Tune in to Subcode Radio:

  • When: Every second Tuesday of the month

  • Time 19:00 - 21:00 CET (Berlin, Amsterdam)

  • Where: Subcode Radio

For our first episode on SubCode Radio, we invited Stefan Medici (New York, USA).

Stefan enjoys mixing the deeper styles and sounds of Electronic Music. You’ll find him playing Trance, House, Progressive, Organic, and Techno on his radio shows. Because of his interest in mixing different types of Electronic music, his show name Medici Sounds reflects Stefan’s versatility behind the decks. With his eclectic taste in electronic music and deeper sound, he delivers a unique experience that takes you through a journey with every set.

Our first guest, DJ Stefan Medici from New York, set the bar high with his mix reaching No. 1 on the Progressive House Charts.


We love music! Let's work together ❤️

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