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Xiasou, Chris Sterio, Hernan Torres presents new EP Sauron with remixes from Rikken & Nikko Mavridis

One EP to rule them all, one EP to find them, One EP to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them. Yes, just like that we present our new EP from Xiasou, Chris Sterio and Hernan Torres called by dark lord Sauron. The original mix of this song was released as part of our compilation Storyteller and now we have a single EP with massive two remixes from Rikken and Nikko Mavridis.


Remixes: Rikken & Nikko Mavridis

Pre-Order: 09/09/2022

Release date: 16/09/2022

Style: Progressive House / Melodic House

1.Xiasou, Chris Sterio, Hernan Torres - Sauron (Original Mix)

Xiasou, Chris Sterio, Hernan Torres joined forces and created together tune called Sauron. This song was already released this summer as part of a compilation of Big Bells & Storytellers Vol.01. Great progressive house drives with a melodic vocal break.

2. Xiasou, Chris Sterio, Hernan Torres - Sauron (Rikken Remix) [Big Bells Records]

Rikken is a Berlin-based music producer who had releases for labels such are Soundteller Records, Siona Records, One Of A Kind, Droid9, Balkan Connection South America, Mistique Music and many others.

3. Xiasou, Chris Sterio, Hernan Torres - Sauron (Nikko Mavridis Remix) [Big Bells Records]

Nikko is recognized in his homeland for his ability behind the decks and his unique style while his sound is a perfect mix of progressive house, tribal rhythms, and soaring melodies. Active since 90' Nikko shared DJ decks with Jody Wisternoff, 16 Bit Lolitas, David Seaman, Jerome Isma-ae, Dmitry Molosh, Pole Folder & CP, Glen Morrison, Nigel Dawson, and many others.

Nikko Mavridis is also currently one of Greece's most promising producers.

His productions have been released throughout the world on labels such as Movement Recordings, Balkan Connection, Balkan Connection South America, Bonzai Progressive, BC2, Welcome Music, Massive Harmony, Eternal beats, and many more.


We love music! Let's work together ❤️

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