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Big Bells Records first ADE compilation is out now. Music from India, Germany, Sri Lanka and the UK.

Yes, this is our first-ever Amsterdam Dance Compilation and we are very proud of it. Great music from great producers around the world.


Yes, everybody loves Amsterdam, we can probably say the best city in the world and not get wrong. Amsterdam was always a city of inspiration, freedom, amazing people, and maybe the best clubs and parties. Just because of all of these and more, we from Big Bells Records and Big Bells Digital are decide to go with our first-ever Amsterdam Dance Event Compilation.

Release name: Big Bells ADE Compilation 2021 Pre-Order: 15/10/2021 Release date: 22/10/2021 Label: Big Bells Records

Artists: Shanil Alox, R-YA, Flaky, Marco Fredrick, Vishnu (LK), Kosala B,

Chris Sterio, Alex Y and Adnan Style: Progressive House / Melodic House / Deep House

"Big Bells ADE Compilation 2021" is made by various music artists from India, Sri Lanka, Germany, and the UK. The compilation will be released in October 2021 at all digital stores. This compilation includes music from Flaky, R-YA, Shanil Alox, Marco Fredrick, Vishnu, Kosala B, Chris Sterio, Alex Y, and Adnan.

01. Shanil Alox - Darkness Within

02. R-YA - Kunalta

03. Flaky - You Remember

04. Marco Fredrick - Never Hide

05. Vishnu (LK) - The Dreamer

06. Kosala B - Vaction Messier

07. Chris Sterio, Alex Y - Following On (Adnan Remix)


We are dedicated to promoting underground house music and searching for new talents. So if you like our music please follow us and support our artists and our releases.


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