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Big Bells Podcast 99 ! Quality underground house from Robert Babicz, Mango Alley, Manual Music...

Yes, impressive episode number 99 ! This is Big Bells Podcast 099, an episode for October 2021 made exclusively for Proton Radio from San Francisco. In this month's episode, we mixed some really dirty underground house music. In this episode we have music from labels such are Mango Alley, Big Bells Records, Babiczstyle, Manual Music, and other labels. Also, this episode includes two of our songs which are released this month as part of our Big Bells Amsterdam Dance Compilation. The song from Chris Sterio & Alex Y "Following On" was remixed by Adnan and Shanil Alox's song "Darkness Within".

Next month Big Bells Podcast is celebrating episode number 100 with exclusive 6 mixes from producers and DJs from around the world. Don't miss this show, it will be aired on Proton Radio too.

Tracklist: 01. Aske Izan - Feets On The Ground (Original Mix) [Piston Recordings]

02. Paul Hazendonk - We Are The Dreamers (DJ Zombi Remix) [Manual Music]

03. Chris Sterio, Alex Y - Following On (Adnan Remix) [Big Bells Records]

04. Shanil Alox - Darkness Within [Big Bells Records]

05. Lucas Soriano - Wild Spirit [AH Digital]

06. Nufects - Dirty Memories [Future Avenue]

07. Analog Jungs - Umbara [Mango Alley]

08. Forty Cats & Meeting Molly - Lagom [Juicebox Music]

09. Juan Pagani - Shivers [BC2]

10. Daniel Glover - Zeta (Essco Remix) [Consapevole Recordings]

11. Flylight - Dreamer (Robert Babicz Remix) [Babiczstyle]


If you like our podcast maybe your could follow our Spotify playlist. The list has over 200 songs and it's only made by music played in our podcast. Please hit a follow and enjoy our music.


Also, in this month's episode, you can vote for your favorite song in this survey. So, please take a moment and help us decide which is the best killer in this mix!


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