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Big Bells & Friends #001 - Chris Sterio [UK]

Hi guys. We would like to present a new podcast series made by our digital & media marketing agency and our digital electronic music label.

This will be series of podcasts made by our friends, just like the name says. It will include one-hour mixes from DJs and Producers from around the world.

This is our first episode made by our friend Chris Sterio from the UK. Chris just had one fantastic EP on our label, EP called "Freedom" with remixes from Ranj Kaler and Neptun 505.

Also, it's important to say that Chris is the owner of Soundscapes Digital and he is a resident DJ at Proton Radio from San Francisco. He also had releases for labels such are Mistique Music, Balkan Connection, Another Life Music and others.

01. Downgrooves & Chris Sterio - Freedom [Big Bells Records]

02. Nick Lewis - Stuck in the 90s [EC2]

03. Kenshi Kamaro - Aquarius [Soundscapes Digital]

04. Dylan Decky & Cathy K - Against the Odds (Xiasou & Contribute Translation Remix) [Another Life Music]

05. Planisphere - Atmosphere (Cathy K Remix) [Bonzai Progressive]

06. Tenerfuse & Arkatekt - Ascend [Keep Thinking Music]

07. Tenerfuse & Arkatekt - Change [Keep Thinking Music]

08. Jaydee - Mokum Groove (Rick Pier O'Neil Remix) [Bonzai Progressive]

09. Ewan Rill - Be Original [Balkan Connection]

10. R-Ya - Bhunera (M3SIA remix) [Big Bells Records]

Thank you Chris for joining us and we hope you guys will enjoy this fantastic progressive house mix. Just a classy sound!


Big Bells Digital is an entertainment and media digital agency with a focus on promoting electronic music, music producers, DJ, and record labels.

If you want to promote your music with us, please write to us here.

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