Big Bells & Friends 013 with DJ Ruby from Malta

14. Apr. 2022

Big Bells Digital welcomes Malta´s legend and super talent DJ Ruby.

Almost everybody who loves good underground progressive house already heard about this artist, or seen his mixes on Youtube. DJ Ruby delivers amazing energy in his DJ mixes and also in his live performances.

DJ Ruby is a devoted ambassador of the underground progressive house scene. Mostly renowned for delivering flawless hypnotic journey sets with a solid groove and a positive party vibe wherever he performs. DJ Ruby is a true pioneer of his caliber, a hard-working artist that has always matured with the scene. He now boasts nearly 3 decades of experience in which he obtained countless achievements, acclaim, and respect from everyone in the industry.

We hope you will enjoy listening to this fantastic producer and DJ. He is now on his DJ Tour in Sri Lanka and India.

01. Mango Cult - The Great Journey Home (Yudi Watanabe Remix) [Future Avenue]
02. Yonsh - Digital Air (Eichenbaum Remix) [Massive Harmony]
03. Paul Hamilton & Cathy K - I .D.
04. I.D. - I.D.
05. Shade Audio - Miracle Trumph (David Podhel Remix) [Massive Harmony]
06. Lio Q - The Lover's Symphony [SLC-6 Music]
07. Analog Jungs - Here & Now [Meanwhile]
08. Analog Jungs - Surrender [Meanwhile]
09. Golan Zocher & Choopie - Shades Of Love (Zalvador Remix) [MNL]
10. NOIYSE PROJECT - When Im Not Me [Till The Sunrise]
11. DJ Ruby - I.D. w/NOIYSE PROJECT & DJ RUBY - Cosmic Alto [Warpp]

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