Rudy UK Releases “Substrate” remixes featuring Erdi Irmak & Weird Sounding Dude on Proton Music

David Ijiede [Big Bells Writer]

1. Apr. 2022

Rudy UK Releases “Substrate” Remixes Featuring Erdi Irmak & Weird Sounding Dude.

The Proton Music record label experienced exhilaration in September 2021 on receiving Rudy's powerful trademark that speaks succinctly on the beauty of music and magnificent production values. This took his 3 -track series collection "Substrate" debuting in 2021 to a world-class genre.

As Extended Play EP takes the lead in recent times, Rudy had to return with a pair of new remixes featuring top talented artists from Turkey and India.

Erdi Irmak and Weird Sounding Dude are the top talented artists invited to participate in these remixes. Erdi Irmak is a well-known and respected figure in Proton Music and Particles Catalogue record label/house.

His contribution to the growth and fame of the two record labels/houses has immensely earned him a reputation worthy to note. Erdi Irmak a talented top-rated Turkish artist with his debut series "Hidden Arcadia" making waves in the music industry attracting high-profile artists for remixes since debuting in 2012.

Having been on an excursion with these record labels When We Dip XYZ, Songspire Records, and Tale and Tone. He returned to Proton Music to take on the remixes of "Substrate" by Rudy UK that extraordinarily stimulated the world with awe.

Erdi Irmak
Erdi Irmak

A song that has seen tremendous acceptance from fans since debuting in 2021. "Substrate" is a pure curated song that engaged its listeners with emotionally serene characteristics.

The complex percussive arrangement of the remix of "Substrate" transforms the track into a simple and originally melodic element with the aim of emotionally creating a sense of belonging to its listeners.

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The string passage and rhythmic synth motifs created a counterpoint phrasing with Rudy's central piano elements rippling the 7-minute long piece with ease. The sound effect produced from the combination of Erdi's and Rudy's musical elements shows that Erdi is a talented artist with world-class skills.

Adding to the vibe is his counterpart Weird Sound Dude moniker whose real name is Abhijith Hedge, an artist who has developed himself in music to create powerful and entertaining music for his fans. He tremendously transcended the progressive house genre into a world-class label with top artists seeking to get him featured

Weird Sounding Dude has grown into a highly sought-after musician attracting high-profile features and record houses like Anjunadeep, Mango Alley, and Hoomidaas.

Weird Sounding Dude
Weird Sounding Dude

This alone is a feat that Weird Sounding Dude is a charisma not to be toyed with.

On making his Proton Music debut with Rudy UK the remix of "Different Line" sets in a new record for him. Weird Sounding Dude in this track created a record by applying his musical skills to achieve a height that is rarely seen in the industry.

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Rudy's piano elements are a combination of glorious and intelligently programmed broken beats with a stirring and unsettling opening. The beautifully melodious textures sit alongside trademark piano motifs with organically growing and resonating beats to electrify aviation and styles.

The feat achieved with this track traced to its first release by breaking down each pattern to create a melodic beauty and baseline for a unique synergy. This pair of new remixes from Erdi Irmak and Weird Sounding Dude perfectly relates to the creative nature of the Turkish and Indian combination of talents.

This satisfied the vision and desires of the dynamic UK producer and artist for sonic storytelling.


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